The Black Ribbon Campaign

Empowering Men: combating

fighting feminist lies

If you want to be equal to me, make sure you let me be equal to you !

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Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Empowering Men

You may think that men don't need empowering. In that case, you are probably sleepwalking through life.

Don't just take my word for it -- ask the Feminists: The Feminist page (as at 5 March 2016) said about me:

Like it or not, MRAs, this man is one of the leading figures in the emergence of the Men’s Rights movement online, and in the intellectual history of the movement, such as it is.

The page refers, in particular, to the term Frontman Fallacy, which I invented, summarising it as follows:

the Frontman Fallacy is the mistaken belief that people (men, specifically) who are in positions of authority in democratic systems use their power mainly to benefit the categories of people (the category of “men”, in particular) that they belong to themselves.

So the reasons that men need empowering are:

  1. The so-called "Patriarchy" has always pampered women and oppressed men;

  2. Feminism has increased the number of women in decision-making positions;

  3. Feminism has invented a lot of anti-male myths and turned them into law and policy; and

  4. Feminism has also made sure that most men who get into decision-making positions are Male Feminists.


See also: Feminism is the Real Mammoth.



Many people believe that Feminism is about equality/equity -- just because Feminists say it is! 

Think, for one second: What is Feminism about equality/equity WITH ?  Well, with men, obviously!  Well, then, what do Feminists know about men?  Virtually nothing: they view any study of men's issues as a dangerous distraction which undermines the focus on women that they are determined to maintain.  Well, then, how do they know what is needed in order for women to be equal with men?  They don't, of course.  "Feminism is about equality/equity" is just a cool slogan -- a barefaced lie.

Once upon a time, men had the vote, and women didn't, so men and women were not equal.  At that time, men were liable to be drafted into the frontline in wartime, but women weren't, so men and women were not equal.  Then the Feminists demanded equality, so women got the vote -- but they did not demand that women be liable to be drafted into the frontline in wartime.  So now women elect and serve in governments that draft men and send them to kill and maim and be killed and be maimed -- against their will.  THAT is Feminist "equality."

People's identification with specific ethnic groups needs to be weakened, rather than strengthened, so as to strengthen the integrity of the State and reduce polarisation along ethnic lines.