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Tracey Swanberg and Dyke TV Tell Lies Because they Can, Because they Want to, Because they Want to*.

© Peter Zohrab 2006

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Feminazi Show-Trial by Media

On 16 July 2006 at 7:30 PM, Dyke TV (also known as TV WOM or TV ONE) devoted an item in its programme "Sunday" to a fictional piece of man-hating propaganda about one alleged case of domestic violence and spousal murder. The item was called "Breaking Free." I call it fictional, because it was one-sided, the people interviewed were biased, and some crucial parts of what was said were clearly untrue.

N.B. I call the station "Dyke TV" because its consistent approach to Domestic Violence stories has been pathologically man-hating (misandristic), and because key personnel, such as Anita McNaught, Wendy Petrie and a News & Current Events Producer a few years ago have all given the impression of being Lesbian man-haters. When I say things like this, other people tend to focus on the Lesbian aspect, whereas my focus is on the man-hating, with the Lesbianism being merely the explanation for the man-hating.



The previous week, they had shown an item about Fathers' protests, and shown "balance" by also interviewing a female lawyer who disagreed with them. In "Breaking Free", on the other hand, not the slightest attempt was made to provide "balance", in the form of an alternative to the one-sided, fictional account of the events which they portrayed. This is typical of Dyke TV's treatment of Domestic Violence, which is the king-hit in the Feminazi armory of anti-male propaganda weapons-- guaranteed to stir up irrational, righteous anger and chivalrous, protective feelings in the male breast! Dyke TV, TV2, TV3, Radio New Zealand, and various newspapers have all interviewed me at various times, but they have generally avoided mentioning my views on Domestic Violence -- and they have especially avoided putting me opposite Women's Refuge in a debate on Domestic Violence, despite my requests, because they know that Women's Refuge's credibility rests purely on lies and half-truths.



Tracey Swanberg's Psychotic Lie

Tracey Swanberg was the victim's first social worker at the De Paul Emergency Housing. Later she became a Domestic Violence worker in the organisation "Safer Families". Her statement on the murderer's motive was at one and the same time an obvious lie and a symptom of the psychotic man-hatred that permeates the Domestic Violence industry. She said:

"He did it because he could,... because he wanted to, because he wanted to."

Compare that with what Dyke TV said about the actual murder event:

"He continued to stab her -- in all, 28 times."

If the man had wanted to kill her just because he could and because he happened to want to do it, he would have stabbed her enough to kill her, and left it at that. Obviously, someone who stabs someone 28 times, when a lot of those stabs would have been into the body of someone who was already dead, is motivated by intense hatred. He must have been experiencing intense feelings, and there was obviously a whole background story there waiting to be told -- but you'd be waiting all your life for Dyke TV to tell the man's side of a Domestic Violence event ! Even the notion that he might have been capable of having feelings is not mentioned in the programme! These Dykes hate men, and so men, in such programmes, are depersonalised and made to fit their Lesbian fantasies of male evil.



Cheryl Pareanga

Cheryl Pareanga is the name of the woman who was killed by her partner/ex-partner (it was not clear if they had separated or not). Judging from the way she was described, it can only be a matter of time before the Pope institutes procedures for having her recognised as a saint! One of the main interviewees was Carlene Blake, a friend and neighbour. She was so full of praise for Cheryl -- despite the fact that she had a string of criminal convictions -- that you had to wonder if their relationship had been more than platonic. Detective Sergeant Craig McCormack played down her convictions as "rats and mice" offending -- "something expected from someone who's had a hard life, hard upbringing." You have to doubt that he would be so broad-minded about a man who had a similar record!

One unusual feature of this programme is that Dyke TV allowed it to be mentioned that Cheryl was raped by another woman while she was serving a sentence of corrective training.



Carlene Blake

If you compared this TV programme to a court case, what the programme was was the case for the Prosecution. Period. Carlene Blake was the character witness for the victim. Dyke TV was determined not to make the same mistake as was allegedly made by the Prosecution in the Michael Jackson case: "right man, wrong family", as the Las Vegas celebrity lawyer said on Dyke TV's Breakfast show. In other words, what lost the Prosecution the Michael Jackson case was, according to him, the fact that the character of the family of the alleged victim did not stand up to scrutiny. So Dyke TV was determined to paint Cheryl Pareanga in rosy colours, so that our sympathies would be totally with her.

Never mind that she kicked her partner out of the family home, so that he became homeless and had to "sleep rough".

Carlene Blake obviously only knew one side of Cheryl Pareanga, stating:

"I couldn't connect the Cheryl I knew, as a neighbour and friend and mum, and all that, to the Cheryl of the life that she'd come from" (Cheryl had moved away from her previous associates in South Auckland to the North Shore -- "Breaking Free" from them).

So what we had was a one-sided Dyke TV programme interviewing a woman who only had a one-sided view of Cheryl Pareanga. No balance was supplied, as regards her character, from someone who didn't like her.

So Carlene Blake had no credibility when she said, about the murder:

"He was the most in-control person I'd ever met. He had that choice."

Carlene Blake was obviously a friend of Cheryl Pareanga, rather than a friend of her partner. Someone who stabs someone else 28 times is obviously totally out-of-control. What he appeared like most of the time to people who didn't know him well is something else entirely. A man in a violent relationship has no choice but to appear in-control as much as possible, because the legal system is only there for women. Not for him. He can't call the Police when a woman hits him -- they would probably just arrest him !



We all know the Femidyke Power and Control (Duluth) model of Domestic Violence, according to which men commit Domestic Violence because they want power and control over women. I have recently asked the Ministry of Social Development if this was a sexist, discriminatory and unscientific myth, or if they had any evidence for it. They did not answer the question, so I have had to ask the Ombudsman to get them to answer it. In fact, there is no evidence for it, as you can see when you search Google for "evidence for the Power and Control model" or "evidence for the Duluth model" -- you get zero results!

By contrast, Carlene Blake criticised Cheryl Pareanga's partner for spending all his time playing computer games, etc.. She said that Cheryl Pareanga had wanted her partner to change to:

"a strong father-figure, a strong husband that would stand up... stand beside her, not make her take all the decisions."

That is a very revealing statement.



Preventing Domestic Violence

There is absolutely no chance that Domestic Violence can be reduced with the Dykes in control and men treated as the enemy. In fact, this Dyke monopoly of Domestic Violence propaganda is a major factor in the instigation of Domestic Violence. You can see how the Dykeocracy in which we live, led by Dyke TV, tells systematic lies about specific instances of Domestic Violence, and about Domestic Violence in general.

This Domestic Violence scam is the most pernicious conspiracy in human history, and the politicians, media and academics who support it need to be thrown in jail as a matter of urgency.

*It has been suggested to me that this article shows that I am capable of personal attacks, and that this could hinder my prospects of being admitted as a barrister and solicitor. Although this article is definitely and unashamedly (in part) a personal attack on Tracey Swanberg, this is because she attacked a defenceless man through the mass media with a baseless and hate-based lie, because I am a defender of oppressed and defamed men, because the mass media never give me the opportunity to counter or reply to these common, vicious lies, because ordinary people (most of whom are extremely ordinary) have very little interest in abstractions and only relate to specific examples, and because I consider that Tracey Swanberg is absolutely typical of the low-life who work, and get Government funding, in the Domestic Violence industry.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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