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In Defence of John Tamihere

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John Tamihere has recently been accused of:

  1. calling 3 News reporter Tova O'Brien a "stupid little girl"; and

  2. describing Social Development minister Paula Bennett as "that bloody fat girl".

Now, that is not the kind of language you would expect of a lawyer or of a parliamentarian, but maybe it is appropriate for a talk-back host, which is what he is at present.  I faced a similar issue when I was applying to be admitted as a lawyer, but was criticised for writing aggressive webpages, such as one on the then Governor-General.  However, the point is that you shouldn't have to act like a lawyer or parliamentarian unless you actually are a lawyer or parliamentarian!  The media are systematically anti-male and so pro-male people have to get publicity any way they can, which includes behaving in bad taste.

No description of a 3 News reporter can possibly be rude enough, in my opinionThe media have huge power and privileges, with the quid pro quo that they:

  1. select what to report in a fair manner, and

  2. show balance in how they report it.

In fact, they don't do either of these, but do whatever they feel like.  The media demand transparency from Government, while providing none at all themselves.  When was the last time that there was a public audit of the way incoming news feeds were whittled down by a media outlet into the news that they actually allowed us to hear or see? 

The media run the country, by only allowing us to see and hear what they want us to pay attention to -- with the exception that they are forced to cover certain things, such as election campaigns, etc., in order not to lose all credibility with the public.  Again and again, the media hype up some criminal case or other, whip up a section of the populace into a frenzy, and force politicians to make a rushed and ill-considered change in the law.

TV3 is just a feminist propaganda factory.  If I was to write a webpage each time that Rachel Smalley churns out feminist propaganda on her morning programme, I wouldn't have time to do anything alse!  That is pure corruption, totalitarian mind-control and dictatorship.  Adolf Hitler was a democrat, by comparison with today's media.  If Hitler took over New Zealand and put all the media into gas chambers, I wouldn't know whether to mourn the fact that Hitler was still alive, or celebrate the fact that he had gassed all the media!

As far as John Tamihere describing Social Development minister Paula Bennett as "that bloody fat girl" is concerned, the same thing applies: that is not the kind of language you would expect of a lawyer or of a parliamentarian, but maybe it is appropriate for a talk-back host, which is what he is at present.  Paula Bennett is sexist and discriminatory, since she has welfare benefits that apply to women only, and had the arrogance to say that most New Zealanders would agree with that!  New Zealanders sometimes agree with anti-male discrimination, because Paula Bennett's own government includes a Ministry of Women's Affairs, which is a continuous embodiment of the false claim that women are disadvantaged, and need their own Ministry to help them achieve so-called "equality".  The Ministry of Women's Affairs was foisted onto the country by the 1984 David Lange government, as a way of buying off the Left of the Labour Party, so that he could implement his right-wing economic policies.  Paula Bennett's government is actively conning New Zealanders about the position of women-- and then she uses the fact that they have been conned as a justification for oppressing men!

I would, however, commend her for apparently reducing the power of the anti-male Women's Refuge in the Ministry of Social Development.  Although Paula Bennett seems to me, in most respects, to be a capable and decent person, you would have to question what a severely overweight solo mother (or ex-solo mother) is doing being a role-model for social development, given that obesity and solo parenthood are arguably the root causes of a lot of our health and social problems, respectively.


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