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Suggested Top Six Demands for Presentation by the New Zealand Fathers' Movement to the Government

Peter Zohrab 2006


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These proposals were formulated at the request of Jim Bailey, who has posted them on the page http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/34537.html . He has placed above them the introductory line:

"**NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** will get off yours lawns WHEN:"

Those are his words, not mine. I distance myself from the tactics of that coalition with regard to individual lawyers and judges.


  1. Set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry into societal trends since the introduction of no-fault divorce and separation. This should include trends such as the divorce-rate, separation-rate, truancy, youth and adult crime, youth and adult suicide, youth and adult drug use, youth and adult prostitution, teen pregnancies, child abuse, the statistical characteristics of the children of intact, natural-parent, two-parent families, as opposed to children of solo-parents and children with step-parents, and any links between the Maori rate of intact, natural-parent, two-parent families and the Maori crime rate.

  2. Write a White Paper on the Welfare of the Child and the Best Interests of the Child, with respect to how reasonable, practical and possible it is for a Family Court to make decisions based on these principles -- especially in view of the implicit requirement to foresee future occurrences.

  3. Write a White Paper on the Human Rights of parents in relation to the care of children after separation and divorce.

  4. Write a White Paper on the possibility of linking the care of children to child support. This might involve placing responsibility for child-support enforcement in the hands of the same institution that administers parental care of children, so that the injustice is avoided where a liable parent has little access to their child. Custodial parents who move away from the non-custodial parent should be penalised in relation to child support payments, because they are depriving the liable parent of easy access. This should also investigate ways of ensuring that child support payments are spent on the child, rather than on the custodial parent's lifestyle.

  5. Write a White Paper on ways to outlaw implicit, domestic violence-related, anti-male hate-speech in the media -- such as references to "violence against women", to the exclusion of violence against men. This creates a hysterical and totalitarian atmosphere which dominates the public discussion of the serious issue of domestic violence.

  6. Draw together the outputs from the above five processes into a Bill reforming the relevant areas of Family Law, including Child Support law. N.B. It might be possible to conflate all these six processes into one Royal Commission of Inquiry, or to deal with them other than through White Papers.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

2 July 2015