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Sex, Lies & Feminism

by Peter Zohrab

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Review in Everyman: a Men's Journal

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Publication History

Excerpts from Review of Sex, Lies & Feminism
by J. Steven Svoboda in Everyman: A Men's Journal:

"Sex, Lies & Feminism is one of those rare books that instantly reads like a movement classic.... Zohrab's intellect and knack for fresh re-examination ... had me turning the pages almost as raptly as if I were reading a novel.... A book that can actually get the reader to develop or expand useful new modes of thought is rare indeed."

Publication History

An electronic (in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format) version of this book was on sale on the websites of mightywords.com and fatbrain.com in the latter half of 2000, published by Megahard Inc./Backlash! Books/Weirdsilence.com.

The Editor/Publisher, Rod Van Mechelen, said that the distributor was under-reporting sales. Mr. Van Mechelen was also too busy or unwilling to answer the Author's questions, so the Author cancelled the publishing contract, under the terms of the contract.

ISBN: US Electronic version 0-9702423-0-1


Free 1999 & 2002 HTML versions for online reading, downloading, printing, and unrestricted dissemination (provided Peter Zohrab's authorship is explicitly acknowledged). Translation rights to be negotiated with the Author.

The 1999 & 2002 versions of each chapter topic appear on the same page. Note that the chapter numbers for the two versions differ in some cases. In those cases, the two chapters dealing with the same topic appear on the same page -- irrespective of chapter number. The chapter numbers listed below are those of the 1999 version.



Chapter 1: Feminist Narcicissism and Political Power

Chapter 2: Circumcision

Chapter 3: Rape: Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

Chapter 4: The Domestic Violence Lie

Chapter 5: False Accusations and the Child-Abuse Lie

Chapter 6: The "Male Justice System" Lie

Chapter 7: Employment Issues and the "Women Can Do Anything" Lie

Chapter 8: The Education Lies


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