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Dictatorial, Incompetent, Fascist Media and Emotional-Lying Women Bully Alasdair Thompson

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(Open Letter to the Employers' and Manufacturers' Association -- slightly edited)

( See http://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/newsdetail1.asp?storyID=199201)


Dear Alasdair Thompson,

On behalf of the men of New Zealand, I congratulate you on your temporarily courageous stance in defence of the truth in the workplace! It is a tremendous pity that you were forced to apologise -- and for nothing!

New Zealand is a dictatorship run by the Feminist media, which create an artificial reality which dictates what it is acceptable to say without being bullied. They do this by systematically refusing to get comments on relevant issue from men (such as myself) who they know would be able to refute the Feminist party line.

Consequently, it is high time you stopped going along with the lie that New Zealand is a democracy, and acted accordingly. There can be no democracy when information is controlled and used to manipulate the electorate's minds.

The media are full of women, liars and incompetents, such as the Editor of the Dominion Post. The Editor said in an editorial on Saturday 25 June 2011 that "there is no evidence to back (your) claim that women take more sick leave than men, let alone that any supposed difference is due to menstruation."

In fact, however, the New Zealand Herald reported on Friday June 24th that

" in 2010 men took on average 6.8 days sick and domestic leave annually while women took 8.4 days." This was based on data in the State Services Commission's Human Resources Capability Study."

In addition, Wikipedia says, on the topic of Premenstrual Syndrome, that:

"More than 200 different symptoms have been associated with PMS, but the three most prominent symptoms are irritability, tension, and dysphoria (unhappiness)."

It is obvious that some women would have to take sick leave, with symptoms like that! If they didn't, they would make the workplace a disaster area for their co-workers!

So the Editor of the Dominion Post is an incompetent, sexist liar (which I already knew). Not only that, but he/she focussed almost solely on the menstruation issue, whereas you also mentioned the fact that women take time off to have, and look after children, which interrupts their careers, and lessens their seniority.

I have listened to your debate with CTU President Helen Kelly, and noted that she referred to research which proved that the so-called pay-gap was based only on gender, but she did not mention the name of the researchers or the title of the research. In other words, she was lying. She kept hopping between the separate issues of the earnings of men and women in different occupations and their earnings in the same occupations. That means that the research was actually about men and women in different occupations.

She mentioned that the (primary) education sector was 95% female, but she did not say that she was doing anything to get more men into that field. Her focus is solely on women. It is because of sexists like her that 29 men died at the Pike River Mine. Since only men work in such mines, sexist trade union leaders such as Helen Kelly have not bothered to try to make mines safer.

Not only are the media run by Feminists, but they just go where their emotions lead them, with no professionalism, integrity or intelligence. Women are not only more emotional than men (as shown in Sex differences in functional activation patterns revealed by increased emotion processing demands by Geoffrey Hall, Sandra Witelson, Henry Szechtman and Claude Nahmias, Neuroreport Vol.15, No. 29, February 2004), but they have little capacity for logical reasoning (as we saw with CTU President Hellen Kelly), and no interest in the truth when it is inconvenient to them.

The media is just a propaganda-tool for the oppression of males. If you took the trouble to fund someone like me, who actually has brains and knowledge of the issues, to counter the media man-hating, it might be possible to let the truth prevail occasionally.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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