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The BBC Feminist Political Party is the Best Argument for the Taliban and Al Qaeda

© Peter Zohrab 2012

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BBC World "News" has a half-hour programme called "Hard Talk", which is supposed to consist of hard, probing questions (hopefully with answers) - depending on who the interviewee is. If she is a feminist, of course, then the questions are patsy ones, which do not probe anything at all.

Similarly, at about 3:20 PM GMT on 22 May 2012, presenter Peter Dobbie had a pleasant little chat with a female Domestic Violence activist (the BBC never interviews male Domestic Violence activists) about the numbers of women who had been coming to her shelters/refuges in whatever country or range of countries her organisation was active in.

Note that the facts would have involved:

  1. Some allegations of domestic incidents between Lesbian couples or men and women;

  2. One party to these incidents going to a refuge/shelter;

  3. That refuge shelter, would -- in many cases -- kidnap the couple's children, by letting them in and refusing entry to all males;

  4. Once the children had been isolated from their fathers for a period of time, this would then be used in court as an argument for giving custody to the mother, because continuity of care would be deemed to be in the best interests of the children;

  5. Those shelters/refuges never ask men for their side of the story;

  6. Such shelters/refuges are inevitably feminist, and have particular views about relationships between men and women (No! Not "equality"!), and use their kidnapping power to enforce and indoctrinate these beliefs;

  7. These shelters have no judicial status, but take men's rights away unilaterally without due legal process.

    Peter Dobbie, the BBC's top Male Feminist propagandist lap-dog, asked questions about NONE of the above issues -- nor about the equal culpability of women in Domestic Violence. All he was doing was giving a propaganda spot for man-haters like himself.

    The BBC Feminist Political Party's constant propaganda war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda must be viewed in the context of its totalitarian oppression of men, by constantly streaming anti-male propaganda, which dominates the (sub-)intellectual climate in Western countries, and leads inevitably to anti-male attitudes and anti-male policies and laws.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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