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On Liberty and Law: An appeal for a different approach

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I have just received the court order which will send me to jail October 1st, and each month thereafter in which I remain unable to comply with existing court orders. Though the amounts seem trifling at $ 326 per month, at the end of 24 hearings it is again a sum that remains just out of reach.

This is the common thread that runs through 4 years of litigation. Today I am branded an irresponsible father, unwilling to support his children. But I can honestly say I would have had no problem at all sharing anything I had, if we had only been left enough to provide ourselves with even the basics. Throughout, this has been denied us, forcing me to repeatedly defend us with no access to legal counsel. It is a sad day, though, for all families when people like me end up going to jail - and kids like Danica get treated as non existent entities. It is shameful.

Long term efforts are being made to raise signatures from both mothers and fathers across the country. I am relieved to say that the start of this is finally occuring. Lou Cassivi, a very respected member of the Courtenay Community and coordinator at the Community Justice Centre, where I volunteer, has stepped forward and signed my petition. I believe this is a very brave thing for him to do in such a small town. Other connections are also occurring as appear below.

I will only add that I have never had to exist on less - or work harder in my life - than I have the last four years. I would suggest that something else has happened in Courtenay to account for this, other than a father suddenly deciding to starve himself and and one of his children - in order to avoid feeding the other two.

In closing, please know our spirits are good and we will come through this.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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