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Colorectal Cancer Screening Survey

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(Open letter to the Minister of Health)


Re: Research Report: Colorectal Cancer Control Study (Report to Participants)


Dear Mr. Ryall,

I was a participant in the above study, and I am writing to comment on aspects of its conclusions, as presented in the above Report.

I am concerned that the authors were both women, and that their conclusions tend to imply that any colorectal cancer screening programme should not target men directly, but rather should target men through women (e.g. their wives). The evidence for this conclusion is the views of an unstated number of lay participants, which is therefore of doubtful value. I do not recall having been asked whether men should or should not be targetted directly, and I suspect that this was not an issue which was raised with all participants by the interviewers.

This is a chicken-and-egg situation. Until and unless men are commonly targeted by health initiatives, men will continue to be less health-focussed than women are. The cervical cancer screening programme was the result of a vast, orchestrated Feminist campaign to make women out to be victims of men, and the breast cancer screening programme merely rode the coat-tails of that mind-set.

I urge that men be targeted directly in any colorectal cancer screening programme – otherwise, their uptake will be less than that of women, and that result will be used by Feminists to argue against any other screening programme involving men.

Yours sincerely,

Peter D. Zohrab




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