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Sole Custody as Gendercide

© Peter Zohrab 2006

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Another in the series of Los Angeles Times Feminist propaganda articles was reprinted in The Dominion Post on 13 May 2006, under the title A force of nature (and elsewhere in two parts: http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2006/Jun/02/il/FP606020320.html and http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2006/Jun/02/il/FP60601002.html ).


This article is illogical:

The article basically states that women are superior to men because they are more resilient. It claims that the reasons for this resilience are biological, socio-psychological and psychological. However, The Dominion Post's version ends up with the following anecdote:

"Giving -- to her 18-month-old daughter -- was life-saving, says Ingrid .... That's how old her daughter was when her husband, a firefighter, died in 1995. The shock of young widowhood sent her into despair. But she always knew she had to get out of bed each morning. "What kept me grounded was my daughter,' says (Ingrid). 'Ashley made me smile every day. She gave me the will to live and move on.'

How resilient is that, exactly ? Take away the child and you have the typical situation of a separated or divorced father -- alone, but without the child to give to, to get him out of bed each morning, to keep him grounded, to make him smile every day, or to give him the will to live and move on. So a lot of this so-called "female resilience" actually consists of anti-male laws and practices.

In fact, Society treats women with kid gloves, but expects men to look after themselves. That is why the overwhelming majority of homeless people are men.

The article refers to women living longer than men. Well, we have already seen three of the reasons for that:

  1. Men do the dangerous work, such as firefighting and being conscripted;

  2. Men don't get custody of children, so their lives are more lonely;

  3. Society expects them to look after themselves much more than in the case of women.

    No doubt there are other reasons, as well, such as that women take much more care of their own health than men do.

    Some woman called Dr. Shelley Taylor is quoted as claiming that men resort to "fight or flight", whereas women "tend and befriend" -- yet her own research showed that men "hung out with each other." That is not "fight or flight" -- it is more like "tend and befriend", surely !

    The article claims that women have genetic advantages over men -- yet it admits that women are more likely to suffer from auto-immune diseases such as lupus.



Granting sole custody to women is a form of gendercide. It invites suicide or other acts of desperation.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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