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Why do Fathers Wake up One Morning and Realise They have No Rights ?

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The Problem

Why do so many fathers in the Western World live their lives in the comforting belief that they live in a Democracy which has sexual equality -- until suddenly they lose their house and their children, and find that they had been living in a dream-world ?

In a courtroom, everyone expects that there should be a lawyer for the Defence, as well as a lawyer for the Prosecution. Why, then, are Western countries teeming with tax-funded agencies that attack men, with virtually no tax-funded agencies to defend men (or attack women) ?

The answer to both questions is the same: the West has been captured by Feminist ideology, which is pro-women and anti-male. According to this ideology, men are the oppressors, the enemy -- so it is a contradiction in terms for men/fathers to be oppressed or disadvantaged. Therefore, the Establishment sees no need to end the oppression that men/fathers experience through the Legal System.


The Mirage-Solution

It is little use for us in the Men's/Fathers' Movement pinning our hopes on law-changes, because:


The Real Solution

This is the real solution, in my view:

This solution must be pursued using both theoretical analysis and activist protests of various kinds. Theoretical analysis is vital, because that is how we will get influential, thinking people onto our side. Activist protests are also vital, because unless men/fathers are willing to make an impact and make sacrifices for the cause, the media and the politicians will not take us seriously.

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7 July 2015