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Democracy and Feminism

© Gérard Cassina 2005

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My proposition can be expressed in a brief formula:

Democracy + Feminism = Dictatorship of Feminism. Why is that ?

  1. Women outlive men by years (7 years in France) . The political consequence is they've got an overwhelming majority. In France women are 54% of voters !

  2. An organised group (Feminism) has convinced women they're "class-victims" (something like the "working poor" of Marxist ideology).

  3. Thus women have class-consciousness as a gender

-- along with an overwhelming majority that can't be outvoted by men : we are confronted by a dictatorship. Thus, no wonder male politicians are so eager to pass legislation according to feminist rules.

What can be done ?

Men's health is a capital issue for a gender-balanced democracy . But we're well aware that Feminism is plotting to widen the gap: a breast-cancer campaign / nothing for prostate cancer. And it'll take decades !

But, given a full awareness of the situation, there should be political ways to achieve a gender-balanced democracy. For instance, women would get a red ballot paper and men a blue one, then a 50/50 gender law would be applied, so that 54% of women converted to 50% and 46% of men converted to 50% too .

I'm dreaming ! Right now, we are immersed in feminist propaganda which pervades all of society .First of all , we have to enlighten everybody: Feminism isn't a benevolent movement wishing to improve women's lives, but an organised group using an oversimpified ideology as a tool to get power for its own sake, surreptitiously.

What is Feminism ? A Communist ideology applied to genders: the victims are women; the oppressors are men, the ideal aim: an abstract equality between genders .

As in Russia, the struggle will last endlessly, no matter what improvements take place! Feminism needs an enemy as a justification, since it is organised as a Nomenklatura (a small secretive group using ideology to improve their own position in society), whatever "collateral damage" they inflict on others in the process .Once you get a good position, you hold fast to it, like termites eating up the structure of a building, until it crumbles to ruin. To recognise equality is achieved would be the end for feminist women and men alike.


"Collateral Damage"

Feminist policies based on oversimplified views of relations between genders will lead to chaos -- just like Communism in Russia. More than 30 years of Feminism have already produced some results !

  1. Loneliness for all: more and more unmarried, divorced people, widows (breast cancer campaign / nothing for men can only lead to more widows. Is that good news for women ?)

  2. Family breakdown: more and more young people adrift, a tenfold increase in medication for depressive people since 1980, more and more drug addicts, suicides and attempted suicide (140,000 in France last year).

  3. A more and more violent society: a steep increase in all offences, family violence, prisons exploding with prisoners (96% of inmates in French prisons are men) -- a two-fold increase in 20 years.

  4. A decrease in school efficiency, as measured by the PISA.

In France, where 85% of school teachers are female, at 15, one boy out of 4 can't read properly (as compared with one girl out of 9). Education can properly be regarded as a feminist domain. In prison, a large number of prisoners have no degree. In the USA, it's not much better, I've got the figures!

Most people are unaware of these facts, and feminist propaganda is busy finding fake explanations for them .




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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5 July 2015