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Women's Newspaper Censors News of False Rape Allegations

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The women's newspaper, the Dominion Post, whose mostly female reporters are rude and/or hang up on you if you criticise Feminist theology, have censored their front page story on how a Women's Crisis Centre paid women to make false rape accusations.

This women's paper routinely gets Feminist organisations to comment on stories that show men in a bad light, but they never interview Men's Rights organisations to comment on the frequent stories about false rape allegations that surface in the news.

In this case, the Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre was seeking millions of dollars of foreign funding that had been poured into Southeast Asia to stop child prostitution with Western men, so Ms Tan Senara, who ran the local office of the crisis centre, began approaching girls in a village offering them US$10,000 each to testify that a New Zealand man had molested them.

The women's paper claims that the root cause was a property dispute, but printed version of the article (18 February 2006) makes it clear that an Australian man and a Swiss man were also set up in a similar way, and it is doubtful that a property dispute would have been the cause in all three cases.

If we had a free press, as opposed to a Feminist press, Men's Rights groups would be asked to comment on relevant stories.

You can find this story at http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/0,2106,3575947a10,00.html




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