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Minister of Police Avoids Question

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(Open Letter to the Minister of Police)


Dear Anne Tolley,

On 26 January 2014 I put the following question to the Minister of Justice, and it was forwarded to you:

"Does the Government have any policy document which recommends encouraging male victims of female domestic violence to report it to the Police? The deliberate absence of any such advertisements conspires to perpetuate the myth that it is mainly men who commit domestic violence."

This was your reply:

I fail to see where in your letter you have answered my question.  Advertisements about Domestic Violence have appeared on television down the years.  Initially they followed the Feminist propaganda line that all Domestic Violence consisted of male violence against women, and gradually they have adopted a more gender-neutral line. 

However, the sour after-taste of all that anti-male propaganda lingers, and needs to be countered by advertisements which specifically reassure men that they will not automatically be treated as perpetrators if they report female violence to the police.  Although I admit that I turn the sound off when television advertisements start, I am not aware that any pro-male Domestic Violence advertisements have ever appeared on New Zealand television.

I realise that the Police are not subject to the Official Information Act, but I request that you turn your mind to addressing my question, expecially as the Police support the White Ribbon campaign and have lower physical standards for female entrants than for male entrants into the police.  The White Ribbon campaign is notoriously anti-male, although the Police pretend that it is against all violence, including female violence.  The Police have an anti-male culture and need to take steps to address it, so that men do not need to see the Police as the Women's Police.


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