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Letter from Spain (edited)

by Edip Rei 2007 (& comments by Peter Zohrab)

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Congratulations to your Foundation!

We are an association against juridical exclusion, called Edip Rei. We defend the EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW, and, certainly, men are the most numerous group of people to whom this equality is denied. So, we coincide with your Foundation in the essential thing.

Nevertheless, there are some differences between us:

  1. We consider that women are not the only enemies of men’s rights; the majority of men, paradoxically, also are. And, especially the State Administrations and the Governments of the so called Advanced Democracies, also are. Therefore, it cannot be said that the majority of the enemies of men’s rights are among women. (The New Zealand Equality Education Foundation agrees with this. We do attack women, however -- for psychological reasons. Western men have become demoralised and servile towards women, because Feminists keep slandering men and no one is allowed to say anything bad about women.)

  2. The State Administrations, the Governments, the justice, are the ones who should guarantee the rights of the citizens, not women. (The New Zealand Equality Education Foundation agrees with this.)

  3. The targets of our struggle are the Governments, not women (or at least, not only women). (The New Zealand Equality Education Foundation agrees with this.) They are the Governments who have "little brains" and they do not understand they should respect the rights of all the citizens. We are located in Catalonia, Spain. There used to be an European feminism here in Spain, but it was swept away by American feminism when Franco died, in 1975. Thanks to this American feminism, freedom did not increase after Franco’s dictatorship as was expected, but it diminished. The former European feminists used to say things like "a woman is a man without education". By contrast, the American feminists say that it is men who must be reeducated by women, since women are right. It is an inverse feminism, somehow. We believe that this American feminism is a real danger for our Civilization.

Best regards.



Peter Douglas Zohrab

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