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Feminists and the Family (edited)

(Banned United Future Party Annual Conference "Soapbox" Speech)

© Peter Zohrab 2004

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(I resigned from the United Future Party when they censored the following speech from the so-called "Free Speech" part of their 2004 Annual Conference.)

The well-known American writer, Wendy McElroy, has written an essay called:"Marriage and the Family:An Ideological Battleground". You can find it at http://www.zetetics.com/sexcor/marr.html. In it, she says:

"To the sexually correct feminist, marriage oppresses women and the family breeds patriarchy."

The fact that United Future has set up the Families Commission shows that we in United Future know that there is a problem with the New Zealand family -- lots of serious problems, in fact ! The question now is: are we serious about fixing these problems, or are we too afraid of the Feminist Labour Party to say what the source of the problems is ?

The word "Patriarchy" means rule by men, and it is women who Feminists say are oppressed by marriage. Feminism has identified men as the problem that is at the heart of the family, and they have set about doing something about that. One of their solutions has been to remove men from their families -- as you know from all the fathers' protests there have been about the Family Court.

Are families really better off without fathers in them ? We have lots more fatherless families than we used to have -- and we also have much more in the way of school suspensions, truancy, youth suicide, drug taking, and crime than we used to have before Feminism started attacking our families. I hope the Families Commission will be researching these issues, but that depends on who controls the Families Commission, of course.

It's important to realise that we can't rely on the universities to come up with this sort of research. Most university staff in most departments either tolerate, or themselves carry out research and teaching which in fact is gradually transferring more and more political power from men to women, and from ethnic groups who are economically successful to ones that do not do well...In other words, universities are corrupt institutions who use their power to pursue leftist political agendas. Topics of interest to Maoris are handed over to Maori lecturers, or to lecturers who can be trusted to enforce a pro-Maori line. Topics of interest to Feminsts are handed over to Feminists, who mark down those who disagree.

Domestic Violence is one of those issues that get handed over to Feminist lecturers on a plate. I actually heard a Law lecturer describe Domestic Violence as an issue that only concerned women ! I pointed out that men are very much involved, and that men are at least half the victims of Domestic Violence. He disagreed, so I asked him what evidence he had. He was very puzzled, and looked to the massed ranks of Feminist students for support -- Feminists just talk about female victims of Domestic Violence, and about male perpetrators. It had never occurred him to ask for evidence that this reflected the true picture ! If you search the World Wide Web for "Domestic Violence" and the name "Fiebert", you will see the huge amount of evidence that the Feminists have prevented you from seeing -- unless you are sensible enough to watch TV3.

Feminists use Protection Orders to separate fathers from their children -- in ex parte court hearings where the father is not even present or represented ! Then the Family Courts say he is violent and it is in the best interests of the children to stay separated from him. But all this is based on the anti-male Feminist lie that Domestic Violence is caused by men wanting to control women, and that women are always innocent of any psychological or physical violence.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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