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Women, Fiction, Religion and Education

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Lindsay Mitchell's blog has drawn attention to an advertisement in the Auckland Women's Centre Newsletter.  It offers prizes for people to create fictional YouTube videos about violence committed by boyfriends on girlfriends.

This is extremely dangerous, because many people will see these videos as a depiction of reality -- and you can bet that Feminists will not be laying a lot of stress on the fact that these videos are just fiction, when they put them on the Web!

It's not as if the advertisement was basing itself on scientific research, or anything like that.  It just listed a few statements and called them "myths".  The word "myth" is a favourite word of the Feminists.  It means "anything that we Feminists don't want you to believe."

This is part of a determined effort by Feminists to use all available media to brainwash people into the beliefs and values which they themselves believe in.  See the excellent webpage "Does feminism on TV cause anti-male attitudes?"




It is noticeable that Feminists are typically not very interested in providing objective evidence for their claims.  They rely on assertions, repetition and intimidation.  Since Feminists largely control the media and education systems of Western countries, they make full use of their power to censor out views that they dislike and to repeat views that they like.

This ties in well with women's tendency to be much more interested in fiction than men are.  This applies both to literature and to soap operas, although men are typically more interested in action movies and fiction.   You could argue that women are actually less able than men are to separate fiction from reality.  In turn, this could be linked to women's greater reliance on emotion than on reason




Given this greater irrationality, it is not surprising that women are generally more interested in religions and other superstitions (e.g. astrology) than men are.  After all, religions and other superstitions are spheres of life where statements are believed largely on the basis of faith, and evidence plays a minor role.  In the West, religion has declined as Feminism has grown, so Feminism can be seen as the new secular religion (ideology) of the West.  Although some religions have responded by trying to adopt Feminist approaches, Feminism has been diametrically opposed to the churches (and increasingly victorious) on issues such as abortion and homosexuality.





Western universities were originally closely linked to religious education.  They then gradually became more and more secular.  But now the wheel has come full circle, because universities are now closely linked to Feminist indoctrination

It is also important to note the close relationship between creativity and research.  Ever since Kuhn's famous book on the history and philosophy of science, it has been common knowledge that theory-building is a creative process, and the supposedly objective processes of "normal science" are carried out within these theories ("paradigms"), in an attempt to support, extend, or disprove them.  This gives great freedom to Feminist academics -- especially in the intellectually down-market social sciences -- to promote any old rubbish as "research."

In addition, some Feminists reject objectivity altogether, which gives full rein to their fictional creativity and their ability to indoctrinate students with academic frauds.  Inevitably, the Feminist media picks up on these fraudsters, quotes their theories as fact, and describes them as "experts."




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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