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Combatting Feminism using Foreign Marriages (slightly edited)

© David O'neil 2003

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There is a new method that men are using to combat the feminists. This new method strikes at the heart of the feminists, leaving no room for recovery for the feminists.

It has been discovered that the feminists function on issues. If you remove those issues then you remove the feminists. The issues that feminists use to argue against men are:

  1. rape

  2. sexual harassment

  3. child molestation

  4. date rape.

The way those issues can be removed is by breaking contact with New Zealand women and making contact with foreign women through agencies. New Zealand men don't have to make contact with New Zealand women any more . They can spend their time corresponding with Russian women for marriage and a life-long partnership. This will reduce the incidence of rape and sexual harassment to a very low number because men will be living normal lives with their foreign wives and will have no need to search for sexual companionship. As those types of problems get lower in numbers so do the feminist issues and the feminists themselves.

You can open a free marriage agency on the Net that hosts the women's pictures and free address. Marriage tours are too complicated. On your page you can put your viewpoints and also marriage laws, citizenship laws and immigration laws concerning foreign women. You can detail the correct way to bring in a foreign wife on your marriage site.

Here is a sample of one of those foreign marriage agencies:


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