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Get a Female CEO and Halve Your Share-Price!

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Theresa Gattung has resigned as chief executive of Telecom, New Zealand's largest listed company. Her record has not been impressive.

As TVNZ put it on the page http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/411419/976037 :

"At first the market believed in Gattung, with shares peaking above $9. But in the seven years since, the company's share price has tumbled to under $5."

This should be seen in the context of all the media hype that surrounded her appointment. What seemed like millions of media interviews fawned over her supposed brilliance.

In fact, the only time that the women's newspaper The Dominion Post (Wellington, New Zealand) ever interviewed me was when New Zealand "achieved the great milestone" of having -- at the same time -- a female Governor-General, a female Prime Minister, a female Chief Justice, a female Attorney-General and a female chief executive of New Zealand's largest listed company. The reason the feminised male reporter rang me up, of course, was that he thought I would express displeasure, which he could use in some headline such as "Men's Rights Activist Angry at Demise of Patriarchy!" In fact, as I told him, I was not nearly so concerned about who held such positions as about what policies they put in place -- as he would have known if he had bothered to do his research by reading my book. So he did not even mention me in the article that appeared in the newspaper the next day.

(Similarly, the only time that the women's radio station Radio New Zealand ever aired an interview with me was when the self-confident feminist Kim Hill [known to men as "Him Kill'] interviewed me live on air. She established that I was anti-feminist. Then, since I ran an organisation called "New Zealand Men for Equal Rights", her main question (said in the arch tone of voice she uses when she thinks she's setting a trap) was: "I thought that feminism was about equality?!" She had no answer when I replied that feminism was not about equality -- it was about selective equality.)




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