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University Scraps Women's Studies

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According to the student newspaper Salient, Victoria University of Wellington has decided to scrap its Gender and Women's Studies programme. This decision has been long in coming, since I can remember it being mooted several years ago. See Gender and Women’s Studies says goodbye.

The downside is that one factor which must have decreased resistance to this decision was the fact that the sort of Feminist thinking that is represented by having a Gender and Women's Studies programme, in the first place, and that is also represented by the type of stuff it no doubt teaches, is now apparently present in various guises in various other departments. Gender and Women's Studies has been mainstreamed, in other words. Courses such as "Feminist Jurisprudence" and "The Psychology of Women" are examples of mainstreamed Feminism, as it manifests itself on campuses around the world.

While that mainstreaming is no doubt a setback for academic freedom (given that no Male Studies -- or even Men's Studies -- has ever been taught at Victoria University of Wellington), I am hopeful that all these mainstreamed courses in Feminist brainwashing will be more susceptible to the winds of change, to feedback as to the real facts on the ground, and to shifts in academic fashions, than a central, isolated Gender and Women's Studies programme would be.

In addition to being centres of man-hating propaganda, Gender and Women's Studies programmes are also organisational hubs for Femifascist political activity. For example, Feminists in other departments can rely on them for muscle when they harass anyone who dares disagree with them.

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