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Unpunishable Sexual Harassment by Women (edited)

© Peter Zohrab 2005

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Open Letter to the New Zealand Herald:

Your article "Hands off no-go areas" (31 January 2005, page D2), which
apparently originated in the United Kingdom, shows that man-hating/chivalrous
double-standards are international, and extend outside institutionally man-hating
environments such as Law faculties and the Human Rights Commission.

The second sentence says (in part) "... touching someone inappropriately is a
sure way to find yourself accused of harassment." But the article later
makes it clear that only women need apply for protection from inappropriate

The only specific reference to inappropriate touching by a man was a caption
under a photo of a man about to touch a woman inappropriately, which stated
"DON'T: Touching when you shouldn't is likely to land you in hot water."

But the only specific reference to inappropriate touching by a woman was
the statement that, "If a woman touches a man on the lower arm, he will
think that she is flirting."

In other words, if a woman touches a man inappropriately, it is "flirting",
whereas if a man touches a woman inappropriately, it is "sexual harassment".

The way our Law faculties are brainwashing students, a man has little hope
of legal protection of his rights in any area of life -- whether it be the
Family Court or the workplace. Men would be well advised to check out how
anti-male their lawyers are, before hiring them.

I may add that, when I was working at The Correspondence School -- a Feminist-dominated institution -- Robyn Skrzynska (my superior) frequently touch me on the arm when talking to me, frequently invaded my personal space when talking to me, and once stood so close beside me that her breast pressed against my arm. And the following women (who were all actually or de facto higher up the hierachy than me) all displayed major portions of their breasts/bras to me: Maggie Friend, Sally Rawnsley, and Ying Li. Ying Li, who was my de facto boss in the Chinese language section, because of the economic importance of China to New Zealand, also exposed her panties on one occasion, and her legs on several occasions.

It is not smart to think that men are supposed to like this sort of thing, while women are supposed to complain about it ! If it is a sacking offence for men to commit sexual harassment, then it should be a sacking offence for women to commit it, as well.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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