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Open Letter to Human Rights Commission (unedited)

© Julie Whitehouse 2007

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This information was sent to the Human Right’s commission January 2007.

We believe the Government and Government departments such as the Families Commission, Plunket, the Education Department, Government Funding, Emergency Housing, Domestic Violence policies all discriminate against Males (gender) in their policies and policy developments. We also believe that the Law Society discriminates against males by having 'The Women's Consultative Group' and no group for men. We believe that this will have some influence not only on male lawyers but also on ‘court proceedings’ and male defendants or prosecutors.

We respectfully request a full enquiry and the end result we would like to achieve is a Men’s Affairs in Parliament equal to a Woman’s Affairs.

We believe the Government and Government agencies are in breach of the Human Rights Act 1993 on the grounds of Sex (gender) and Political opinion, which includes the lack of a particular political opinion or any political opinion.

We believe the Government and Government agencies are in breach of the Human Rights Act 1993 in the area of Government or Public Sector Activities, Discriminatory Laws, provision of, facilities and services, education and accommodation.

We also believe Section 19 of the Bill of Rights Act applies. (freedom from discrimination.)

Disadvantages for males is that their well-being is hindered such as men die younger than women, the suicide rate of males is much higher than females and males receiving death and injury from violence is much higher than females. We believe females receive more support and more research from Government assisted Commissions in these areas than males, as females are more favored.

Disadvantages in education is that males are falling behind females in their grades and success and a lot of Government assistance is given to promote females in education through policies and policy making while males receive little if any but nevertheless females are favored in this area also.

Domestic Violence in NZ favors women and discriminates against men. It is the policy of the Family Commission to focus on the Domestic Violence for women, which disadvantages Males. Women are also violent especially in the description of Domestic Violence, which ranges from one extreme to another.


The Families’ Commission is also breaching the Human Rights Act by conducting research on sensitive male issues by females. You don’t allow Maori research to be made by the Chinese or visa versa.

We believe the law passed, ‘Man assaults Women’ is discriminating against men as there is no law for, ‘Woman assaults Man’. This law alone favors women.

It is also discriminative to have at least 2 women’s refuges in each city or town and yet no men’s refuges in the whole country. This is favor to women regarding Domestic Violence and this comes through policy and practices. At this stage male groups cannot get funding for such refuges.

Plunket policies and policy development discriminates against fathers while favoring females or mothers.

Males are also disadvantaged in the area of teaching in early childhood schools. This has also affected Primary schools. Female policies and policy development is also favored.

We believe males are discriminated against by not allowing them the right for a paternity test without the females consent yet the female can claim child support. This favors females while discriminating against men.

It is discriminative for emergency housing for men to receive such little attention while women’s accommodations thrive throughout the country.

Merilee Andrew reports.

Western Welfare Agencies, which can comfortably cater for displaced females and their children, say the housing situation is desperately inadequate for males.
Citizen’s Advice Bureau manager Diane Mellowes has trouble placing males. “I’ve had a run of them. There’s just this huge gap for homeless men or married people. ”
Her office is a common port of call for people who are low on funds but need a roof in a hurray. It’s not a problem if they’re female. But for everyone else - single males, or families with a husband or older boys - it’s “desperate”.
Salvation Army Henderson’s Zandrea Lee says she meets quite a few men who come in, down on their luck, to find nowhere local to send them.

The Aucklander, 6 September 2006, page 7.


Males need to have an equal say in matters that affect their gender. At this stage males are discriminated against from Government and Government agencies. It is time to balance the genders.

At a political level Women’s affairs are affecting the affairs of men without any accountability to non-discriminate.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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7 August 2015