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Legal* and Journalistic Incompetence and Blinkeredness on Men's Issues

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(Open Letter)

The Weekend Herald article Family Court is 'no man's land' http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/story.cfm?c_id=1&ObjectID=10385986 (June 11 2006) shows up serious incompetence in the Ministry of Justice, Law Society* and NZ Herald, which are demonstrated to be little more than girls' clubs:

Referring to Wellington activist Bruce Tichbon, the article states:

"He is furious, too, at the amount of "gender equity training" happening in the court - "judges sent on courses where they are lectured by feminists".(The Weekend Herald checked with the Ministry of Justice and with the Law Society*, both of which said there was no such thing.)."

Assuming that the Weekend Herald did check with those bodies*, this amounts to serious incompetence on the part of the Ministry of Justice, of the Law Society, and also of the Weekend Herald. The Herald did not ask Bruce Tichbon who his source was (it was me -- see http://nzmera.orcon.net.nz/judistud.html which dates from as long ago as 2002, http://nzmera.orcon.net.nz/unhurico.html and http://nzmera.orcon.net.nz/statreli.html ) . Instead, the Herald ran to those two feminist-dominated bodies. Those two bodies could have said that they did not know the answer, or that they would need time to look into the matter. But no -- they jumped right in and said there was no such thing as gender equity training for judges, presumably because this would obviously be a gross abuse of the constitution of any free and democratic society, and because the allegation came from men and fathers, which meant that it could be safely ignored, as usual.

It does not fit in with the feminist agenda to highlight the fact that the Institute of Judicial Studies teaches judges so-called "gender equity" (i.e. anti-male iniquity), or that it has twice refused to let me teach them gender equity from a male perspective, or that I have taken them to the United Nations Human Rights Committee, and so law schools, the Ministry of Justice, law journals, the media and the Law Society are largely unaware of it. In fact, I actually went to the Dominion Post and spoke to a reporter there about my complaint to the Human Rights Committee at the time I made it, but they weren't interested in reporting it -- plus I got the usual insolence from the receptionist !

Callousness towards men is a feature of both this article and of the legal system -- especially of the Family Court, in my estimation. The article at several points makes derogatory reference to men's emotions. When men have emotions, the media sneer at them. But Radio New Zealand and Television New Zealand made headlines about the emotions of feminists when they were confronted with actual research data on domestic violence -- instead of just reporting the data itself in a straight and non-fictional manner -- see http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/423466/741445 . Needless to say, the article does not cite my views, as I am the foremost Men's Rights expert on domestic violence in New Zealand.

Women in jobs in the Western World seem to have a licence to exploit their positions to oppress men -- whether this be in the media, the bureaucracy or the justice system. Perhaps the only answer is to send them all home, where their inability to behave in a professional and impartial manner will be of less consequence.


* After writing this article, I have received an email from the Law Society stating that the Herald misreported it, and that what the Law Society had said was: "NZLS Continuing Legal Education does not have any 'gender equity' training courses on its programme."




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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27 July 2015