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The Institute of Judicial Studies (Introduction)

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There now exists in New Zealand an Institute of Judicial Studies, run jointly by the judges, who have a slight majority on the Governing Board, and the Department of Courts. It came into being as the result of Feminist complaints about judges who made decisions, and expressed views, that Feminists disagreed with.


The Institute Director, Richard Moss, was adamant (when I spoke to him on the telephone) that Women's Refuge and Rape Crisis won't have input into educating judges, but there is plenty of scope for that to happen -- directly or indirectly, e.g. in the course of their published Strategy:

"2.6 Work with and assist co-operating groups in the development of programmes to meet the needs of the Judiciary and the overall goals of judicial education."


How the Institute of Judicial Studies Teaches Judges about "Gender Equity"

I have had to use the Ombudsmen's Office and the Official Information Act, in order to force the Institute to supply the information that one of the people teaching the judges "gender equity", Maria Bradshaw, has the same name as a Spokeswoman for the Women's Refuge movement, according to the webpage: http://www.massey.ac.nz/~kbirks/gender/viol/insight.htm . She is described in the ring-binder "Judicial Seminar on Gender Equity, Rotorua, 15-17 May, 1997" (published by the Judicial Working Group on Gender Equity) as follows:

"Maria Bradshaw was a primary school teacher before she became involved with the Women's Refuge. Her work in a local refuge included designing and delivering programmes for child victims of family violence, facilitating groups for women victims, and delivering training for police, other government agencies and community groups. She was employed by the National Collective of Independent Women's Reuges from 1991 to the end of 1996, firstly as National Training and Education Coordinator and then as Policy Coordinator. She wrote the Women's Refuge submission on the Domestic Violence Bill and worked with the Police on their family violence policy. She now works in the Department for Courts Policy and Legislative Unit."

Not only that, but (according to their annual reports prior to 2002):

I realise that "gender equity" is a term that arose in a Feminist context, and that Feminists never apply gender equity to the process of defining that term (or, indeed, to anything else). Nevertheless, the Institute of Judicial Studies should not just be teaching judges to toe a Feminist party line, but should be interested in practising gender equity itself, and -- more importantly -- teaching judges to practise gender equity where this would benefit males, as well as where this benefits females.


Who the Institute of Judicial Studies does NOT want teaching Judges about "Gender Equity"

The Institute of Judicial Studies rejected my two applications:


  1. to be appointed as a community representative on the Institute of Judicial Studies' Governing Board;

  2. to present a session on gender equity at the Institute of Judicial Studies.

Their brief rejection-letter of 14 October 2002 gave reasons, but without stating which purported reason applied to which of my two applications:



The Institute of Judicial Studies is undemocratically putting into place one-sided ideological beliefs as the supreme law of New Zealand, and I consider them to be in breach of our democratic constitution -- specifically, of the Bill of Rights Act.


CONTACT DETAILS: Institute of Judicial Studies, Level 8, 70 The Terrace, PO Box 10-269, Wellington. Ph.: 471 1365 Fax: 471 1381 Email: ijs@clear.net.nz DX SP23514


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