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Letter From Ireland


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Greetings from Ireland. I just thought that you might have some interest in how "Family Law" in a DE FACTO way unfolds in Ireland.

1.01: If Tom wants out of his Marriage, Tom packs Tom's bags & leaves, no money no children, no house, rendering Mary almost a widow and proper order which is fine by me and you I would imagine. Similarly, if Mary wants out of her Marriage, Tom packs Tom's bags & leaves, no money no children, no house, rendering Mary almost a widow which is grossly unfair. In Ireland the headline that appeared in for a newspaper article ‘A married man remains part of the marriage family as his wife's guest' is, in light the realities a vast understatement. Some time ago a retiring Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland said 'Fathers in families these days are a bit like a sunroof in a car; nice things to have but you do not really need them' at the Presbyterian Church General Assembly.

2.01: In my view EQUALITY in "Family Court" is the best way to defend Marriage & children. This "Family" Court Equality, all things being equal, (no abuse or violence or bits on the side etc.) will mean that the spouse who wants out, leaves NO children, NO money & NO house rendering the innocent spouse a widow or a widower almost as the case may be. This Equality will also IMMEDIATELY end the Nasty Divorces, the Gold Digging, the FALSE Allegations and the Bitter Custody Battles that feature so prominantly in the media today. But the deserting spouse will be required to tell the children, in COURT with a Judge listening when the youngest child is 25, why the children had NO mother or NO father as the case may be. Since walking out, the destering spouse would have been FORBIDDEN to contact the children directly or indirectly except through the INNOCENT spouse's lawyer. If the divorce is mutual BOTH parents must be required to tell the children, in COURT with a Judge listening, (Ladies First) when the youngest child is 25, why the children had NO mother or NO father as the case may be. In an IDEAL world, Divorce would be scrapped, or modified so that ONLY the INNOCENT spouse can re-marry.
2.02: According to Court records, 70% (YES SEVENTY PERCENT) of Divorces in Ireland, that do NOT involve Abuse & DO involve children are filed by the wife.
2.03: Following the joint custody model MERELY keeps the TOXIC PARASITES the 'Family Court judges, Social Services lawyers, psychotherapists, mediators, counsellors, social workers, etc collecting salaries from child abuse.
2.04: I have little or no doubt that within twenty years, the phrases 'walking out on your INNOCENT spouse' and 'child abuse' will be interchangeable.
2.05: In my view the PARENT who walks out (unless there is Abuse or Cheating involved) is an UNFIT parent who could NOT give a damm about the children.

3.01: Until EQUALITY reigns men must under NO circumstances marry. Even though the statement "But Not All Women Are Like That" is valid & true, the statement "But ALL 'Family' Courts Are Like That" is even more true. Marriage THESE days is so emotionally, financially & legally dangerous for a man that not even a brain-dead gambling addict, having spent a week boozing would urge a man to take the chance.
3.02: It takes TWO people to marry but ONE to get a divorce.
3.03: So WHEN Equality reigns men will AGAIN marry. After the US Civil War black men could not marry their ladies fast enough. In some places in the former Confederacy, the Courthouses had to be kept open late, to cope with the demand.

4.01: States turned against smoking when the cost of treating sick smokers exceeded the revenue from tobacco. The same will happen regarding the Liberal Agenda. Possibly the $1.5 BILLION that George W. Bush spent to promote the marriage family might be seen in 30 years time as the turning of the wheel.

5.01: On a far far more SINISTER note, you may like to know that there is a political party in the Netherlands that wants Pedophilia legalized and 12 years of age to become the Age of Sexual Consent.

6.01: I listened to The Communist Manifesto on Youtube in which we hear:
6.02: The "Children's Rights" and the "Bad Parents" speeches,
6.03: The "State Education" speeches,
6.04: The "End of the Family" especially the Marriage Family speeches,
6.05: The "Abolish Countries and Nations" speeches.
How little things change!!!!

7.01: On a general note, if social workers gave an X, Y, or Z about children, we would listen to social workers ring the alarm bells on the Liberal Agenda. But not only do we NOT hear social workers ring those particular alarm bells, we in actual fact hear social workers (at least here in Ireland) act as the cheerleaders for the Liberal/Child Abuse/Fatherless agenda. As we speak "Same-Sex Marriage" is the new Liberal Agenda demand, being compared to Martin Luther King & Civil Rights, according to our Deputy Prime Minister recently.

8.01: I know of an American Men's Rights Activist who says 'You want Equality girls? No problem. Well chaps let us give the girls Equality as requested. OK, chaps do NOT hold the door for her, do NOT give up your seat to her, do NOT get her a chair, do NOT carry her bag, do NOT hold her coat for her, do NOT let her before you in the queue, do NOT step aside in a corridor or in the street for her' and even though I strongly disagree, I can understand his reasoning. Meanwhile I insist that my son CARRIES his sister's bag to the schoolbus in the morning. (Some time ago my son told me how he had hopped off the bus to see an old lady struggling with shopping bags. He then carried the old lady's shopping bags to her door.)

9.01: I think that the 'marriage strike' by men in the USA and increasingly throughout Western countries MIGHT just be the beginning of the end for this toxic tsumanai known as 'Family Law' in the West.
9.02: Men must remain Chivalrous to tell those women who value marriage & men that it is now up to WOMEN to get the Gender Bias laws changed to achieve Equality. So a girl who experiences Decent, Dependable Dave who holds the door for her, gives up his seat to her, gets her a chair, carries her bag, holds her coat for her, lets her before him in the queue, stands aside for her in the corridor or the street, is getting a POWERFUL message. Decent, Dependable Dave is showing the girls what THEY are missing and demonstarting to the girls that Chivalry is a TWO-WAY street. This message becomes even MORE powerful when Decent, Dependable Dave REFUSES to alllow ANY female interaction go beyond casual social pleasantries. So if the girls want Layabout Larry/Scumbag Steve who treats girls like dirt, they are MOST welcome to him.
9.03: Let us say here that Decent, Dependable Dave marries Maria from Manila as Dave has seen his buddies, neighbours & relations discarded like old shoes in "Family" Court when the Western wife walked out on an INNOCENT spouse. Let us make Dave a truck driver who works day and night to provide for his wife & children. Let us say that after 9 years Maria is a stay-at-home Mom with 5 children. In short Dave was a PERFECT husband. Maria has spent all her days at home watching TV and listening to the Daytime TV Man/Husband-Hating message. Maria walks out. She gets ABSOLUTELY everything. Suddenly, Dave discovers the HARD, BRUTAL, BITTER way that it is "HER" children, "HER" house, "HER" income, "HER" Tax Rebate, "HER" pension scheme but HIS bills. Conclusion: It makes ABSOLUTELY NO difference for Decent, Dependable Dave to marry Arlene from Alabama or Maria from Manila.

10.01: I have NO DOUBT but you will find these remarks in brackets { } from 'FDR' by Ted Morgan, TOUCHSTONE BOOK published by Simon & Schuster New York p493 regarding Congressman Martin Dies of Texas MOST SINISTERLY interesting. In 1938, Dies started a Committee on Un-American Activities in Congress. {He originated the techniques later brought into full bloom by Senator Joseph McCarthy --- unfounded charges, lack of substantial evidence, use of guilt by association, denial of opportunity for the accused to answer the charges and repeated public assertions of the extreme danger of a largely imaginary threat.} I wonder why "Family" Courts cross my mind?
10.02: You may find the following gem of some interest. Some time ago I saw Ms. Barbara Kay, Canadian Association for Equality, info@equalcanadians.com on Youtube. I do not know when this video was first made. On this video "From Women's Rights, To Feminist Wrongs ~ By Barbara Kay " she said that there are 4 MILLION single Fathers raising children, be they widowers or simply "Normal" Single Fathers in North America. She said that there is NO evidence WHATSOEVER to link children raised in Single Father homes to the type of Disasters that the research shows regarding children raised in Single Mother homes, something that the PEER-REVIEWED Research has been proclaiming for the last 60 years. In this video Ms. Barbara Kay says that two of Canada's nine Supreme Court Justices, when they were Court of Appeal judges awarded SOLE custody to women in 90% of their cases, a figure that defies the Law of Averages. She also says that in 90% of litigated Custody cases Mom gains SOLE Custody a figure that again defies the Law of Averages. She also says that one Alberta judge has said that 80% of Domestic Violence or Sexual Abuse of children by fathers allegations, during Custody battles are FALSE allegations. She also says that the Male Suicide rate in Ordinary times, is FOUR times the female rate. But this rate TRIPLES (3*4) during Custody disputes. Women's Suicide Rates stay flat during Custody disputes, whereas Men's rates triple. In Australia an MP heading a Committee dealing with the effects of Divorce has estimated that there are PER WEEK about 20 Suicides from Court-imposed hardship. An American academic has estimated that there are some 1,000 Divorced Male Suicides PER YEAR in the USA for similar reasons.

11.01: We ignore the lessons of History at our peril. There is NO CASE known to History of any Society that has survived an attack on the Married Hetrosexual family, REGARDLESS of the bona fides of those involved. Social history shows that once you deviate from the statement "one man & one woman married together until one of them dies living together in the family home with their children" as the definition of "family", a disaster, most especially for children follows sooner or later.
11.02: In June 1941, as Germany prepared to invade Russia, German officers on the ground (as opposed to the Nazi leaders) told the troops that the serious fighting would last 4 weeks, that the Germans would be at the Urals in 14 weeks and that they would all be back home in Germany for Christmas.
11.03: In 1941, as Hitler's armies were racing towards Moscow, Stalin summoned Ivan Stamenev, the Bulgarian Ambassador to Moscow to the Kremlin, and asked him to mediate with the Germans, as Bulgaria was neutral. Stamenev refused saying 'Even if you have to retreat to the Urals, you will beat them in the end', a prediction that Time proved correct. Men and families are now back at the Urals.
11.04: If you had said 'This is the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union' on December 24, 1979, when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, you would have been the butt of EVERY joke as people rolled around the streets laughing at you. We all now KNOW that the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan WAS the beginning of the end of the Soviet Empire.
11.05: Slowly, families are moving westward. We are NOT QUITE YET in the position of the Soviet trooper Sgt. Alyosha Kovalyov who on May 02, 1945, hoisted the Soviet flag over the Reichstag in the famous photograph. The day WILL come when Families hoist the Flag of Freedom over the TOXIC MT EVERST called 'Family' Law' in Western countries.
11.06: The Anti-Family/Child Abuse PONZI Scheme Agenda will eventually cause TOTAL Social Collapse as some people have predicted. This will mean the END of the Cradle-to-Grave Western Social Welfare system. In the LONG-TERM Total Social Breakdown, which will make the Economic Mess TODAY look like a toddlers' playschool tiff, will benefit Society, especially children. This will mean that a GOOD man of 40 - 50 years of age can marry a lady half his age and father 9 children. The young lady of 24 will have NO PROBLEM marrying a man of 40 years of age and having 8 children as HE will have a house & an income to make a family lifestyle practical. On the other hand a woman older than 35 will have great difficulties becoming a mother. We will see a return of LARGE families of 6 - 10 children as people will NEED the children to support the parents in old age as CHILDREN become new Pensions. To a certain extent this return of LARGE families has started in Europe. In Portugal a new Pensions' Law has linked a person's pension to the number of children that a person had. So the BIGGER the family, the BIGGER the pension you get. I have NO ILLUSIONS that I might see this day. I reckon that Victory is about 40 years away. I do NOT expect my son to taste Victory. But WHEN Victory comes and come it will, all the TOXIC PARASITES the "Family Court" judges, Legal Aid lawyers, psychotherapists, mediators, counsellors, social workers, etc WILL have to get a job as opposed to profiting from child abuse. We will also see, possibly QUITE soon, people grow their own food as people will be hungry as opposed to any sentimental reasons.

12.01: We had a "Children's Rights" Referendum in Ireland on November 10, 2012, which got 58% support. This referendum will reduce parents especially MARRIED Parents to the level of magnified babysitters for the State.
12.02: In 1900 the American Association of Atheists said that by 1950 Christianity would be dead in the USA. This prediction was based on the fact that 42% of College-educated Americans said in the previous Census that they did NOT believe in God. The USA is now the MOST religious Western country. Ah, yes, Time is a GREAT & GLORIOUS Storyteller.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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