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A Literary Joke

by Per

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22 October, 1997

After the feminist revolution, a couple of men were sentenced to death for oppressing women. (They had been caught saying that William Shakespeare was a better writer than Margaret Drabble.)

On the day of their execution, the feminist guard comes to the door of their cell and says: "Prisoners usually get served a last meal of rancid gruel mixed with bugs. I'm giving you rancid gruel without any bugs."

The first man says "Excellent! That is truly wonderful!" After they finish the gruel, the feminist guard comes back and says, "I'm supposed to give you each 50 lashes with a cat-o'-nine-tails, but I'm tired and I'll only give you 25." The first man says "This is wonderful, truly most superb!" After the 25 lashes, the feminist guard leads them out to the courtyard before a firing squad. She says: "My orders were not to let you have blindfolds in front of the firing squad. But I'm going to strip you naked, tear your clothes to shreds, and give you a scrap of your own clothing to use as a blindfold."

The first man says "This is absolutely wonderful!" Finally the second man can't stand it any longer and he says,

"What are you praising this feminist for? She's about to have us killed." "Keep quiet you fool," the first man whispers, "I'm trying to encourage the moderates."


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