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Feminism is the Real Mammoth.

Peter Zohrab 2016

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I recently came across what dresses itself up to be a satire on my Men's Rights Activism, but it is almost entirely devoid of reasoning -- see http://www.wehuntedthemammoth.com/2013/04/29/how-bad-ideas-get-started-the-apex-fallacy-the-frontman-fallacy-and-the-murderer-marc-lepine/ -- concentrating on:

  1. simplistic stereotypes

  2. fashion

  3. self-contradiction

  4. emotions

  5. name-calling

  6. dancing


Simplistic Stereotypes and Fashion

The website as a whole calls itself "We Hunted the Mammoth: the New Misogyny, Tracked and Mocked." What have mammoths got to do with it? Well, obviously -- judging by the many Feminists who look at their watches meaningfully when I pass them in the street -- they mean that Men's Rights is outdated -- extinct, even -- and that Feminism is now flavour-of-the month, like miniskirts, see-through blouses, or whatever body-revealing tactic women nowadays are using to attract men, so that they can reject those who aren't rich enough!

In fact, of course, Feminism has been going since at least 1792, the publication date of Mary Wollstonecraft's book, A Vindication of the Rights of Women. By contrast, I started out as a Men's Rights Activist (MRA) in 1987, at which point there were hardly any others in existence! So it is Feminism which is the mammoth, if this is a fashion issue -- by about 200 years!

Moreover, if what this website is "tracking and mocking" is the NEW misogyny, then it must be a new phenomenon, which has surely not had time to become extinct yet! This is yet another example of Feminists contradicting themselves and revealing their inability to reason.

In addition, no examples are given of anything that is hateful of women, which is what "misogyny" actually means. So these women are just throwing insults around instead of making a reasoned argument -- as usual!


Emotions in Place of Argument and Dancing

Above, I have given a couple of examples of the inability of these women to reason logically. However, they do say something nice about me, as follows:

Like it or not, MRAs, this man is one of the leading figures in the emergence of the Men’s Rights movement online, and in the intellectual history of the movement, such as it is.

The page refers, in particular, to the term Frontman Fallacy, which I invented, summarising it as follows:

the Frontman Fallacy is the mistaken belief that people (men, specifically) who are in positions of authority in democratic systems use their power mainly to benefit the categories of people (the category of “men”, in particular) that they belong to themselves.

However, it goes on to say:

So, in other words, if you mention that men hold the overwhelming majority of powerful positions in the worlds of politics, business, and podiatry, MRAs will shout out “frontman fallacy” and do a little victory dance. Rich and powerful dudes don’t count, because of poor and powerless dudes!

That has nothing to do with the Frontman Fallacy. The point of the Frontman Fallacy was that Feminists should stop pretending that all these men in powerful positions were oppressing women, unless they could point to large numbers of specific policies which advantaged men and disadvantaged women. The trouble is that Feminists aren't logical enough to say why they object to a few men being rich and powerful. They never complain that other men do all the dirty and dangerous work, die younger than women and are conscripted into the front line in wartime!

I am yet to see a Men's Rights Activist doing a "victory dance".


Emotions and Name-Calling

The article is about what it calls three "bad ideas." It doesn't say what is "bad" about them. I remember that, some decades ago, when I was in Germany, I put up a small exhibition in German about Men's Rights, which was noticed by what appeared to be a couple of Lesbians. "Sehr schlecht!", one of them said. That was all that she said, and it means "Very bad!" That made me very happy, because it showed that:

  1. I had made some telling points, and

  2. all these Feminists could say in response was that my points were "very bad"!

The same applies in the case of this Feminist webpage. It is good that they find my ideas "bad", and it is even better (and typical!) that they are unable to mount a reasoned attack on them.

Judging by this website, women are too emotional and illogical to hold down powerful jobs.

After showing their total inability to refute my arguments, these women then stoop to name-calling. Since I am probably the most theoretical and most confrontational Men's Rights Activist in the world and have a high profile, I am used to random Feminists trying Psychological tactics on me -- since they love to play the man instead of playing the ball, so to speak. In such circumstances, I have grown wary of the potential for hidden agandas in many of the women I come across. Of course, if you don't dare stick your head above the Sex War parapet, you don't know what I'm talking about!

PS Have a look at the faces of the women in the photograph at the top of the page, and ask yourself how many children these women are likely to have given birth to!



Peter Douglas Zohrab

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8 March 2016