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Alleged assault does not surprise Union of Fathers

Wainuiomata News, 20 February 2003. (Reprinted courtesy of Wainuiomata News.)


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Police ran into trouble serving a custody warrant in Wainuiomata last Wednesday.

At least three Lower Hutt police officers were serving the Children Youth and Family Service warrant and
collecting the three-year-old child when allegedly assaulted by three men and a woman.

None of the officers were seriously injured and the four have been charged in relation to the incident.

The outspoken Union of Fathers has seized upon the incident.

Spokesperson Darrell Carlin says he is not surprised by the men’s reaction as police have a terrible reputation
among fathers.

“It appears police management and the Labour Government are not listening to the growing outrage of fathers
– tragedy is the path they are choosing.” Mr Carlin says while his union doesn’t suggest fathers take the law into
their own hands, he expects it will happen again.

In California, he claims, laws were changed in 1979 to give fathers equal rights to their children only after judges,
lawyers and police were killed by disgruntled fathers who had their children taken away.

“What we’ve been saying for some time is that in New Zealand we should learn from that experience,
but suppression rules surrounding the Family Court prevent fathers speaking out and venting their outrage in the

“Add to that the bullying by police and it is becoming increasingly clear that the peaceful road is not achieving

However, Wainuiomata police sergeant Mike Coulter says police opinion doesn’t enter in to it and their role is
clear cut.

“The court grants an order after considering all the facts and it’s the job of the police enforce (sic) the orders.”


(Permission to post on Web granted by Editor, Peter Bartlett, by telephone on 21 February 2003.)




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