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Ninety Percent of Male Lawyers are Women (objectively)

© Peter Zohrab 2006

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Marxists use the term "objectively" to distinguish people's real political stance from what they say their stance is. I suppose that 100% of male lawyers would say that they are men. Objectively, however, 90% of them are political women. And, objectively, 90% of female lawyers are political women, too.

A person is politically female if they support increased power for women, and a person is politically male if they support increased power for men. Your typical New Zealand male lawyer sees that only 39% of lawyers are women*, and this reinforces his conditioned response to support Feminist programmes and initiatives whenever he comes across them. On the other hand, if he knew (as he should do, if he was competent) that female criminals are more likely than males to receive a sentence of community service, supervision, a community programme -- or no sentence at all -- and less likely than males to receive a prison sentence, periodic detention, or a monetary penalty**, it probably would not even register in his conscious mind at all, and he would carry on supporting Feminist causes, like the political woman that he is.

Prima facie, of course, this disparity in sentencing by sex is the result of 90% of female lawyers being objectively female (Feminist) and 90% of male lawyers being objectively female (Feminist or chivalrous).

(By the way, the same column calls me a "self-styled men's activist", which is like calling the Pope a self-styled Catholic -- and shows that Jock Anderson doesn't do his research. It would also have been professional of him to have researched my many specific criticisms of the Law, rather than just saying that I had made "rude utterances" against it -- but I suppose that would be asking too much of such a light-weight column.)


*National Business Review, 24 February 2006, in Jock Anderson's "Case Load" column.

** Ministry of Justice (1999): "Sentencing in New Zealand: a statistical analysis".




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