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Neil Foord, R.I.P.

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One of the most stupid emails I have ever received was the following, concerning Neil Foord, who I mention in my online book because he claimed that his rape conviction was based on a false allegation:

"Neil Foords name came up on google at the very beginning, on your site when I searched for him. Unfortunately I do not have the time to search thru all your documents to find out why, but would be very interested as to why you have this person on what I would have thought was a reputable organisation site?

Look forward to your feedback.


The reason why this person had searched for Neil Foord on Google was that Neil had featured on the television consumer programme Fair Go. In a dramatic deathbed interview (he died of cancer the next day), he handed over a cheque for $1,000.00 for the young people who had apparently been clients of his talent agency Real Kiwis but had not been paid. I did not see any of the Fair Go programmes about Foord, but I saw part of the interview on the news.

Apparently, he had been the subject of three Fair Go investigations into his allegedly fraudulent practices over the years. In this interview, he apparently admitted not paying the young people, but said that he had not set out to be a scammer. I assume that means that he was claiming that the young people were not paid because he couldn't afford to pay them at the time.

As to his rape conviction and the allegations of indecent assault against him, he continued to claim that they were based on false allegations:

"Iv'e been subjected to a campaign of filth for a long time. None of it's true. This is not a deathbed confession or anything like it," he said.


Here is why I say the above email was so stupid, together with some other background on Neil Foord:

  1. Even if Neil Foord had later deliberately defrauded young people who came to his talent agency, that would not have been relevant to the issue of whether I should publicise his earlier conviction for rape, which he claimed was based on a false allegation. The writer of the above email obviously has the intelligence of a retarded chimpanzee, and it is frightening to think of all the people like him who are running around outside the zoo, and actually have the right to vote and serve on juries!

  2. Neil Foord was not a charismatic or telegenic person, and that makes him less credible. I have met him a couple of times (at his Real Kiwis agency), after accumulating a massive file of his correspondence over the years, because he wrote to almost everyone under the sun, in an effort to prove his innocence of the rape charge.

  3. Although he apparently died in Christchurch, his talent agency was in Wellington -- the same city where he was working as a journalist on the Dominion (now the Dominion Post) when he was convicted of rape. So it was highly likely that vicious Feminists to made it hard for him to run a successful business -- which may be the reason that the young people were not paid. I have plenty of experience, on a daily basis, of the viciousness of Wellington Feminists -- just for daring to disagree with them publicly!

  4. It is also quite possible that he was set up for allegations of indecent assault, if he was known to be a convicted rapist.

  5. Since he admitted on television having not paid the young people, why didn't he also admit the rape and indecent assault allegations? Since he was about to die, he had nothing to lose. Surely the fact that he didn't admit the truth of those allegations tends to indicate that he believed he was innocent?

  6. My impression of Neil Foord is that he was very bitter about his rape conviction. The woman who accused him of rape was a Philippina. She apparently acquired the right to stay in New Zealand as the result of her rape allegation. This may have turned Neil against East Asians, because the name Real Kiwis has racist overtones, and the agency was located in a side-street right next to the large and prominent Chinese embassy. He may also have come across hostility from members of the Philippino community for claiming that the rape allegation was false -- it is typical of racist ethnic groups to assume that "one of their own" is right and the other party is wrong. I myself occasionally came across unexplained hostility from Philippinos -- but not from those I knew well socially -- at the time I first started publicising Neil's claims.

  7. A man who has been convicted of rape in Feminist New Zealand is bound to suffer prejudice and discrimination. If the man thinks he has been wrongfully convicted, that is likely to make him bitter.

  8. The hysteria surrounding rape is immense, thanks to the fact that vicious Feminists control university Criminal Law, Criminology and Psychology courses, busily and corruptly campaigning -- at taxpayer expense -- to make it easier and easier for men to be convicted of rape and other sexual crimes, and easier and easier for women to get away with false allegations.

  9. It is important, also, to realise that a man can feel morally not guilty of rape, even if the legal system has found him guilty. That is because of the changes to the Crimes Act brought about by the activities of the above-mentioned Feminists, and others like them. Under section 128 of the Crimes Act, if the Court believes that the complainant was an unwilling sexual partner, the man must have had so-called "reasonable grounds" for believing that she actually was willing. Now, what the man thought was reasonable grounds and what the Court may believe are reasonable grounds may be two widely different things. And, because of that difference of opinion, a man may spend several years in prison and carry around a stigma for the rest of his life! No wonder Neil Foord has grown a beard since I last saw him! He must have feared being recognised.

  10. That is a risk that every man runs every time he has sex with a woman. Why doesn't the woman run the risk of imprisonment if she does not make clear what her wishes are? That would be equality. Equality is what the Feminists have long been saying that Feminsm is all about. But they have been lying, as usual! Just as they have been lying when they have been making false allegations!

  11. Although Neil Foord wrote more letters to the media than anyone I have ever known, I have never seen any media coverage of his claims that false allegations had been made against him. In my opinion, the reason he gave his deathbed interview and handed over a cheque was purely beause that was the only way he could get the viciously Feminist media to give any coverage to his claims of false allegations. That was the only way he could get people like the writer of the above email to search Google for his name and arrive at my webpage about him!


Several years after I posted the above article, I received the email below.  Please note that it has nothing to do with the truth or falsity of the allegations against Neil Foord, but does give a bit of information about him.


"Hi Peter,

I'd like to thank you for keeping your page up in regards to Neil Foord ( RIP )

I met Neil in about 2004 when he was running his Classic Car Fair website and Myself and my partner at the time, became good friends with him virtually straight away!

He was a very well spoken and polite person, and his past did not bother me.

We spent many friday nights at coffee culture drinking coffee with him.

We accommodated him in his final few months while he was looking for another house to rent.

He moved into a house in Antigua st here in Christchurch which was his final place.

No more than a month after moving into that property, his health deteriorated dramatically which put him in hospital.

Me and my partner were with him when Kevin Milne barged in and did his final interview on fair go. We were behind the camera while he was being interviewed.

The next day we shot up to hospital and we were there when he sadly passed away.

It's been 15 years since he left us, but I still think of him alot. I still have his hat that he wore all the time and also while he was being interviewed.

He loved classic cars as we did and still do, I think that's why we bonded so well, plus I don't think he had any friends as such when he was in christchurch.

I miss him alot and hope he is, and has been at peace for the last 15 years.

Sorry for the weird email but thought I would share my short story about Neil Foord.


(first name and surname initial supplied)





Peter Douglas Zohrab

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