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The Government’s denial of prostate cancer

by Dr Muriel Newman, MP 2005

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A few weeks ago, John Tamihere confirmed in his infamous “Investigate Magazine” interview what many New Zealanders already know: that the country is being run by radical feminists. The ‘sisterhood’, as the Prime Minister apparently likes to refer to her inner sanctum of colleagues and advisors, effectively has an iron grip on the country. It is no wonder that New Zealand men are feeling more and more disenfranchised as each day goes by.

Feminist ideology has the ultimate goal of power and autonomy for women, with women taking over a country’s top jobs, finally freed from their ‘bondage’ to their husbands and children. As a consequence of the long-term enticement of women into power positions, children have been relegated to a distant second, and men are all too often regarded as the enemy.

While some relationships are strong enough to flourish under this feminist power transfer, many others flounder. The result has led to the undermining of the family and the marginalisation of fathers in particular, and men in general.

The reality is that since the feminist movement gained momentum in New Zealand in the seventies, successive Labour Governments have championed their cause. The problem is that their progressive radicalism has come at the expense of men who have become an increasingly side-lined group in society. Sadly, when National governments regained power, they have lacked the stomach – or the courage - to restore the measure of balance that is now so desperately needed.

Privileges for women come in many shapes and forms.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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