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Norwegian Women on Company Boards

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(Open Letter to the Norwegian Prime Minister)

Dear Sir,

Leftist governments love to copy each other, and to pretend that what some
other government has done is part of some progressive "trend". I am
therefore writing to protest, on behalf of the World's men, about your
sexist threat to close down Norwegian companies whose boards do not make 40%
of their members female by 2007. If you are allowed to get away with this,
other governments may want to copy you.

This plan is simultaneously a demonstration of your sexism and of the
stupidity of women generally, which makes them less suitable than men for
important positions:

I demand that you pursue a campaign of real equality, by:

  1. imprisoning Children and Family Affairs Minister Laila Daavoey for ten
    years, unless equal numbers of fathers and mothers are custodial parents by

  2. imprisoning the Minister of Health for ten years, unless men and women in
    Norway attain the same life expectancy by 2007;

  3. imprisoning yourself for ten years, unless Norway adopts the same policies
    towards both male and female circumcision both nationally and

  4. passing a constitutionally entrenched law, compelling only women to
    conscripted into the armed forces, until such a time as the number of
    females and males who have died in combat in Norway's history is equalised;

  5. etc., etc..

The incoherence of Feminism described above is an indication of the
intellectual incompetence of women to carry out important work, since most
Norwegian women are undoubtedly Feminists, in the sense that they believe
the above two illogical doctrines. This is in itself evidence that forcing
any more women onto company boards, discriminating against men, would lower
the performance of those companies.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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16 July 2015