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An Ode To Strong Women

© Peter Zohrab 2015

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(Penned in my morning-tea break at The Correspondence School, on the occasion of New Zealand Poetry Day, 20 July 2001, with apologies to John Keats)


I know not what Superwomen I may yet meet,

Nor what great victories they may recount,

What aborted innocents lie at their feet,

What marginalised ex-fathers their children count;


What boys with ADD have female teachers,

What dull Ms-achievements the media trumpet,

Why blatant untruths the Law not impeaches,

Why a mere male man ranks less than a strumpet.


So -- long may the party last !

Long may the Sisterhood cast

Its fictional truths and ignore the stenches,

'Till the ghosts of reality arise from the trenches !




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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25 July 2015