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Two Songs about Parental Alienation


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Don’t You Need Your Father's Love?



Music by Erik Burch 2004


The music video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p6MJcplsAw&feature=youtube_gdata


Verse 1

Old enough now, once the apple of his eye
What happened to my daddy… whose alibi?

Mom kept him away with the attorney and lies
Taught manipulation and to no great surprise

To her winning the war meant cutting our ties
And turning her children into Nazi Youth spies

Where are you daddy? Daddy!

A charade, taken hostage, replaced yet alive
I played an accomplice, just to survive


Verse 2

Mom taught me to hate him in sick subtle ways
It left me confused, so sad, yet amazed

That I was so blind, brainwashed and taken
Her jealous self-loathing left my father forsaken

It was all too easy; it was destroyed
The God given bond we once enjoyed

Alienation or whatever you call it
Severed my dad to just a limb with a wallet

Replaced my daddy…daddy!

All made official, bias condoned
I’m just a pawn, a pawn to be owned


Verse 3

It’s still not clear, without a clue
In control of the lies in the best interest of who?
Father’s forgotten, swept under the carpet
Stuck in the mud, bones in the tar pit

I was forgiven but I never came
Now the wedge driven, nothing’s the same

No one comes to the father except through the court
Knock and be sent away from crime’s cohort

We killed you daddy! Scream Daddy!

Too small to save you, can I ever forgive?
Myself, the part of us that failed to live
So tragic, daddy…



Little girl, you’re not thinking clearly,
(I can’t stop thinking of you) don’t treat me this way
Not knowing who you’re hurting, (But I’m hurting too)
don’t be lead astray, maybe someday…
(And it’s tearing my heart in two)
But it’s already dark outside,

Reaching out as I’m losing my mind
I’m not out of your reach as your losing your mind
(Taking sides, a game of seek and hide,)
(Don’t wait too long, it’s where you belong)
So hear me, be near me, come back to me

Daddy, daddy… Come back to me


A section: Bm add 4 | Cadd9/A
B section: Em | F#sus4 – F#
C section: D | D#dim | Em7 | F#|
D section: Bm | G | Bb | Em7b5 |
Bridge: G | D | Em | Am | D | Bm – Cadd 9/A |
Dm7/G | G | Em | Am | Dm – G | Am | D- Am
| Bm – Cadd 9/ A |



Don’t You Need Your Father's Love?

music and lyrics by Sean Tutt and Erik Burch



Don’t you need love, don’t you, you don’t need my love
Why don’t you need my love… don’t you need love?


Verse 1

Sitting here waiting for your love to come down
Don’t you know I’d be here if you ever come around
All I want to do is give you my love
But you can’t seem to listen through all the push and shove



My child don’t you need love? My baby can’t you see?
Darlin’ don’t you need love? Don’t you need me? Don’t you need love?


Verse 2

Where is the light shining through your eyes?
All emptiness and a heart filled with lies
How long before you seek me out again
I will love you, no matter how long it’s been



My child don’t you need love? My baby can’t you see?
All grown up now could you still need me, could you still need my love?



Don’t you need love, don’t you, could you still need my love?
Don’t you need love?
And if you come knockn’ at my front door
I’ll give you something that you used to have before… your father’s love


Instrumental lead


Verse 3

How much more can a man’s heart bear?
Thirsty for love, a bitter well of despair
All the while my heart’s sweet waters, damned by a door
Let it flow open that we would thirst no more



Daughter don’t you need love?
“Nowhere is not a place to be
They say all you need is love, that place is me
“Love is all you need”




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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24 March 2018