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Open Letter to Helen Clark on Lesbian Feminist Morality

Copyright Peter Zohrab 2004

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To: Rt. Hon Helen Clark
Prime Minister of New Zealand

Re: Inquiry Term of Reference No.1 and Term of Reference No.2

Dear Ms Clark,

I must be dreaming! I went to the webpage: http://www.beehive.govt.nz/ViewDocument.cfm?DocumentID=18980 and read the terms of reference of the Commission of Inquiry into allegations against Police officers about their sexual conduct, and into the Police investigations into their sexual conduct. What makes me think I'm dreaming is the second term of reference.

The second term of reference is as follows:

"They will also investigate police standards and codes relating to police personal behaviour, including sexual conduct."

That proposal may seem fairly harmless to the uninitiated, but many of us are aware that this particular term of reference exists purely because you happen to dislike male police officers having group sex with a female. Presumably, you would think it perfectly moral for two female Police officers to have sex with each other.

My questions to you are:

  1. What part of your job description has to do with providing moral leadership for the country ?

  2. What mandate do you have to usurp this role from religious leaders, etc. ?

  3. What moral -- as opposed to political -- authority do you dream that you have in the country ?

  4. What credibility do you or the Commissioners have to lay down moral guidelines, given that:

My point is not so much that you are wrong to have taken those actions or stances. My point is that they are all very divisive, polarising moral issues, and many of your fellow-citizens believe that your stance on each of these issues is highly immoral.

Not to put a fine point on it, the Lesbian Feminist movement, as apparently represented by your policies, seems to have moved from a position of flying in the face of conservative, religious, heterosexual morality to a position of daring to impose atheistic, Lesbian Feminist, anti-male moral standards on the rest of Society ! Specifically, why is it acceptable for police officers -- in your view -- to be practising Lesbians and homosexuals, but not acceptable for them to practice group sex in their private lives ? You take my breath away with your arrogant presumption !

It is noticeable how the liberalisation of the marriage laws has been limited to including de facto couples and same-sex couples, because that suits the monocultural Lesbian Feminist agenda. A multicultural approach would have included polygynous (one man + several women) and polyandrous (one woman + several men) relationships in the liberalisation process. I can see no reason why the line should be drawn where you have drawn it, apart from racism or Feminist Supremacism.

What legal sexual activities go on between consenting adult police officers in their off-duty hours is absolutely none of your business !


The first term of reference reads as follows:

"Commissioners Justice Bruce Robertson and Dame Margaret Bazley will inquire into police conduct, standards and procedures when receiving and investigating allegations of sexual assault and abuse made against the police."

There are many issues to raise under this heading, but I will raise just one here:

Why is alleged rape special ? I myself, and lots of other men, have been mistreated by the Police. Why do our experiences not merit inclusion in this Inquiry ? Is it because you are an anti-male sexist ?




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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