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Anti-Male Propaganda and Education

Letter to Peter Zohrab (Oct 2000)

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Peter, I read your article posted at boysnws1.html with interest. I share your concerns. The pendulum has swung far too far and is causing serious harm to society as a whole, not just to boys and men.

I see this gender imbalance in science also. Once, with a very few notable exceptions, science was a male domain. In recent times most of the young scientists seeking employment and subsequently recruited by my organization have been female. The women have been correctly appointed on merit. Few if any are overt feminists.

What has turned boys from science and academic achievement? Undoubtedly, when I was in school in the 1950's/60's, education was designed for the stereotypical boy and it suited him well. Others were much less well catered for. In cities with several secondary schools it should not be hard to provide different types of education to suit the different needs.

A nephew was able to chose his own school. His decision was a considered one - his parents were not being negligent - he chose Boys High, a traditional boys school, and has thrived.

The enormous number of school stand downs and suspensions is a major scandal. Why is nobody concerned? If a child is having trouble at school how are they helped by throwing them out? It gives the school a respite but at what future cost? Imagine the fuss if it were to be reported there had been 18,000 canings rather than 18,000 suspensions in a year. I suggest that suspensions are ineffective as a deterrent and that they have no possibility of reformative value unless coupled with extensive continuing counseling of the student and his family. The potential for harm to the suspended student is very high indeed in the absence of parental concern and such counseling.

Stopping anti-male propaganda is likely to be much more difficult. I admire your courage in confronting it. I wish you well.





Peter Douglas Zohrab

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