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Crime and Punishment; Rape and Revenge (edited)

Copyright: Rahul 2003

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The studies referred to in "Delusions of Violence: The Secrets Behind Domestic Violence Myths" merely include violence such as hitting, biting and kicking, or using guns or knives .

I think this leaves out the severity or the malice behind the attack . For example , when considering Domestic Violence, rape is not included as an act of Domestic Violence, but as a far more serious crime, dealt with separately .

Now if rape is a much more serious crime (despite the fact that the relationships between men and women are for the very reason of sex ), why is sexual assault against men a laughing matter ? Shouldn't it be as serious as rape -- or actually far more serious, considering that rape is merely a socially unacceptable instance of a natural, biological act needed for the survival of the species ?

These studies do not mention the target of the hitting kicking etc.. I have read on the Web of several men who have been kicked in the groin by their wives, girlfriends and sisters for trivial, mild excuses (such as he looked at another woman, or he wasn't listening etc.), or even unprovoked ( as some college girls do just for fun to show their friends how brave they are ) .

Imagine if men did the same, how much time they'd do in jail . Hitting below the belt is sexual assault and should be treated that way: a serious crime. Women who do this to men should get the same punishment that men get for rape. If castration is being lobbied for by feminists, men should ask for such violent women to be castrated as well .

Rape is considered bad merely because women feel "ashamed," "humiliated " etc.. Just because women feel some particular way, men are brutally treated. But men who are kicked in the groin also feel bad. So why are people still laughing at such antics in movies, while no one laughs at rape depictions ? No one laughs at women who have had hysterectomies. No one laughs at women who have had mastectomies. But should a man ever be unlucky enough to be castrated, or have his penis severed, especially by a woman, he is the butt of all jokes in the media. And women talk about men being insensitive !

Maybe you think that I am a psychpath ( as someone on the Yahoo groups called me), but the logic is clear . If boys aged 7-8 years have been made eunuchs by their own mothers -- who were not even punished -- how can anyone even mention rape as a serious crime ? I want women to receive the same punishments that men have suffered over thousands of years. Is that not justified, in the face of the unrecognised crimes committed against men ?

People who know my anti-feminist thinking consider me somewhat of a psychopath for my insistence on punishing women for their crimes .

I believe in Shakespeare's line: " Violent delights have violent ends ."




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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