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Equality in a Presidential Campaign

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(A Comment on a Column by Men's Commentator Glenn Sacks)

August 31st, 2008 at 7:35 pm I watched on TV the sound bites of Palin commenting on the "glass ceiling" for women and the outright appeal for the sisterhood to vote Republican. Her appointment as the Vice Presidential running mate to John McCain was pure politics as far as the (one) gender issues campaign goes.

Does any person who writes in Glenn's blog spaces believe that the American public is going to witness an all out discussion on the alleged wage-gender gap that allegedly plagues women kind? Not likely. Sure, there may be brief appearances by Warren Farrell to make the issue look balanced but who is one man with a seemingly more accurate version of the facts versus the millions who assert otherwise? Probably not much as we'll soon see.

There likely will not be any balanced discussions on other feminst claims now made mainstream . We are going to observe the selective feminist assertions of certain selected issues under the guise of selective equality.

Mainstream equality between the sexes discussions are flawed because only women's issues are considered. There will be no equality between men and women until the historical and current conditions and quality of life of the common man are first realized. Women now have what the common man never did. Current politics is not going to reflect any of this publicly. We are going to witness, as factual, the same endlessly repeated and never proven feminist assertions.

If the aware men of this culture want more of the same, simply do nothing.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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