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Open Letter to Saudi Arabia

© Peter Zohrab 2005

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New Zealand men have visited the future, and 72% of us say the past was better !

The webpage "Saudi women hope to follow Kuwaiti counterparts" refers to the fact that Kuwaiti women have for the first time been given two appointed seats on the country’s local council. This is supposed, in many quarters, to be a progressive, historic step.

Not, it's not !

In New Zealand, we have a female in each of the following positions:



Take the word Equality, for example. Feminists speak that word a lot, and write it a lot, as a way of proving that women should be allowed out of the house, that they should be allowed to work, that they should be allowed to vote, and that they should even be allowed to run the country. They don't use that word to prove that women should do the dirty and dangerous jobs alongside men, or that they should be conscripted into the front line like men, or that men should have health programmes aimed at allowing them to live as long as women. The word Equality, to Feminists, means "whatever women want."

Once they have got men to agree to all the above changes, they don't say "thank you" to men and keep quiet. By now, they have created "Women's Groups" and they have founded (or soon will found) departments of Women's Studies and ministries of Women's Affairs, and the like. These groups and departments and ministries have got to have something to do! So they keep agitating for more "Equality".

Meanwhile, men have not thought to create Men's Groups, or ministries of Men's Affairs, or departments of Men's Studies, because everyone (especially the Feminists) would question the manliness of any man who suggested that! Of course, most of the leading Feminsts are themselves Lesbians, but you are not allowed to say that, because it is discriminatory! So the Feminists have the battlefield to themselves, and it is therefore a foregone conclusion that they keep winning victory after victory !

After a time, even the Feminists realise that they have become so much more powerful than men, that it is useless to keep pretending that what they are after is Equality. So they stop using that word, and switch to the word Equity. The wonderful thing about the word Equity, from the Feminist point of view, is that it means more or less whatever you want it to mean! The problem with the word Equality is that someone might come along and actually measure what women and men have, and prove that women actually have more of something desirable than men have (such as longevity, or job-satisfaction, or health). With the word Equity, that is not a problem, because you can just define it in such a way that women always seem worse off, and therefore in need of even more advantages over men.



In countries like Saudi Arabia, men rule on behalf of women and children. That's the way it used to be in New Zealand. Now we have women ruling on behalf of women. Do you want to end up like us ?




Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

5 July 2015