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S.C.R.U.F.F Manifesto (Society for Cutting and Ripping Up Feminist Fantasies)(edited)

© 2005 S.C.R.U.F.F.

This document is freely distributable on the condition that the document is distributed in its entirety, without alteration. The author grants permission to print, publish and distribute the full document. Sale of the document is permitted provided that 50% of all profits go to a registered men’s rights organisation.

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A dawn of masculism and masculist ideology!

Feminism is a social experiment that has failed; it’s time to move on. Feminists will read this Manifesto with horror and will want to starve the nut who wrote it, but here goes.

While the S.C.U.M. Manifesto makes for an interesting fairy tale of killing men and replacing them with electronic devices, the S.C.R.U.F.F Manifesto is grounded in realities and offers a more civilized method of addressing contemporary gender inequities. It will be interesting to see if this S.C.R.U.F.F. Manifesto will be used in teaching masculism in universities the same way that the SCUM manifesto is used in preaching feminism. It would be more likely that this document is banned from any form of publication by feminists using their Nazi tactics to control speech. This feminist control of speech punctuates the need for all men around the world to give this document the widest dissemination possible. It is also important for men in emerging economies to protect their culture from the damage that feminism will inflict on their family and community if it creeps into their governments.

Given that governments in all Western economies find it “trendy” to pander to extreme feminist fantasies by enslaving a man to any woman that spends more than a fleeting affair with him or steals his sperm to produce a child, that will subsequently indenture the capital of his labour to her for at least 18 years, it is time for every man to reclaim what is his – ownership and control of HIS future.

Unlike the militant feminist manifesto, this document does not espouse the overthrow of governments or the elimination of money systems. It does, however, call for men to take control of the future and to remove the fear of enslavement that stifles the lives of men and eliminates the right of all men to celebrate their masculinity.

For more than a generation, men have been treated as nothing more than sperm donors and financial support mechanisms for women in all Western economies. Governments have adopted policies of allowing females to nominate a male as the father of a child so that the government can take money from that man and deliver it to the female rather than allowing the lazy female to claim welfare payments from the state. This system has been abused to the point where women; 1. use the contents of used condoms to self impregnate, 2. register births of children that don’t exist and/or 3. claim support payments for deceased children or children no longer in their care. The list goes on to include any wild and utterly ridiculous situation that a female will use to claim money. If the government can extract that money out of a man then it will. If, however, the money cannot be extracted from a man then the government will recognise that the claim is fraudulent. Women have manipulated governments all over the world to enable them to exploit their own children as a source of revenue.

This is a popular economic policy adopted by Western governments to reduce welfare payments to women. Child support policies have nothing to do with providing financial support to children as women have complete control over how the money is spent. Governments have no interest in the welfare of children or men; they actively promote the exploitation of children and men to avoid paying welfare to greedy women. Men have no say in how any of the child support they pay is spent. Women spend child support on themselves, their new lover or deposit it into gaming machines. Government statistics show a clear correlation between increased gaming machine revenue and family assistance payments to mothers.

This whole abominable situation only exists because women have taken complete control over procreation. The female decides when she will get pregnant by using a man’s sperm without his consent. A female will acquire his sperm using any means available. Condoms are not an effective means of birth control as the female will steal the contents of used condoms. Regardless of the fact that women cannot become pregnant through sexual acts other than vaginal penetration, women will recover a man’s sperm from any type of sexual act and use it for self impregnation. Once impregnated the female has been granted exclusive control over the decision to sustain the pregnancy. The female decides if she will keep or abort the foetus; the man has no say. The female can decide to abort any male foetus and keep all those that are female. Women are happy to expel a living foetus from their body and have it left to die a slow death in a metal dish. Only now are we beginning to hear about late abortions of living babies that could actually survive if they were not left to die or killed.

When she does decide to keep the child, the woman will eventually expel the father from the family using any government supplied force available to her. When a woman steals the children from the father, the government calls it “assuming custody” if a father takes his children, the government calls it abduction. All of these mechanisms are put in place to emasculate men. The ultimate goal for women is to drive all fathers to suicide because the women are too stupid or lazy to successfully murder them.

The female is cruel toward children while fathers have an instinctual urge to protect. In order for the female to inflict her cruelty, she must remove the father’s protection from the family. Her cruelty is brutal as evidenced by her methods of infanticide. A cursory examination of infanticide statistics show that the biological mother is the main perpetrator of infanticide and her methods for killing her own babies are quite sickening. The woman uses psychological abuse to harm all around her. She will use any weapon at her disposal to inflict physical injuries. But, when she kills or injures a man or child she is never punished for being evil, she is treated for being sick.

If feminists wanted equality then why have they not fought for it in the criminal justice system? Women are more likely to be acquitted of any offence than men. Those that are found guilty will typically avoid custodial sentences. Those that are incarcerated receive sentences that are a fraction of those imposed on men for the exact same crime.

The female uses political pressure and guilt to alter society into a shape that better suits her own inadequacies. Education systems have been altered to change our language in a way that over represents the role of females in society. Women have altered Intelligence Quotient tests to bias the results in their favour through eliminating spatial, numeric, and mechanical test items. Humans exist in a spatial environment full of mechanical phenomena that are understood numerically. Removing such items from a test of intelligence suggests that time and space don’t exist or are irrelevant. Feminist control of the education system has resulted in a generation of mechanically and mathematically less capable men than previous generations. The aim is to dumb men down to a level below women.

Females who lack real intelligence espouse the measure of “Emotional Intelligence” which has been scientifically proven to have no correlation to any form of general ability. Due to the fact that men possess a genetic predisposition to superior numeric skills, women have all but eliminated mathematics from public school curricula. The reduced role of numeric ability in school tests enables females to achieve higher overall scores. This then facilitates a higher proportion of naturally innumerate females in universities and senior positions in the labour market.

Women have promoted the use of qualitative social scientific research methods in universities to exclude the use numeric or quantitative research methods. They use subjective qualitative research methods to support and promote their own ideologies and agenda. Female academics use feminist ideals to disguise fictional story telling as scientific research. This lack of critical thinking in today’s society leads “dumbed down” governments to use the feminist’s fairy tales in policy making. Women use their feminist “interpretation” when misusing interpretivist research techniques to distort reality in a way that fits their ideals.

Women have promoted the downgrading of literacy in schools to the point where illiterate children are able to graduate high school. This would have been impossible prior to feminism taking over education. Females have done this to reduce the population’s ability to critically analyse the feminist propaganda that has been disguised as “research” and disseminated throughout the media.

Women exploit gay men to aid in their objectives. Valerie Solanis in her S.C.U.M. Manifesto suggested that women use gay men to promote her ideals before eliminating them from society. This exploitation has been successfully implemented. Gay academics have been indoctrinated to embrace the female interpretivist research methods espoused by women in universities. Much of the unvalidated interpretive folklore that is passed off as research on domestic violence and the “new” masculinity is produced by gay academics. These puppets of feminism have such a distorted perspective of gender and sexuality that they could not objectively study or report on anything to do with such topics. These quasi academics should have the decency to return their double ply degree to the roll from which it was torn.

Gay men in the arts promote extreme feminist propaganda. The over representation of women and gay men in performance art has resulted in contemporary story telling to portray all father figures as inept buffoons and women as the heroines who come to the rescue and save the world. All male children are portrayed as moronic malefactors while girls are portrayed as articulate angels. Women are using television and cinema to rewrite recorded history in a way that degrades the role of men. Any current television show or movie provides the evidence of women degrading men. Those of us in society that still possess the skills of critical analysis can see the proof. Unfortunately, today’s youth have been sufficiently “dummed down” by women to accept everything they see on a screen or read in a magazine. This sexism in the media continues unabated and the moment. If it is challenged by a male, he is immediately accused of being sexist.

Feminism is responsible for a multitude of distortions that are directly linked with the degradation of society in all populations that have allowed its ideals to take hold. Numerous attempts have been made for more than 30 years to gain equality for men and to mitigate the moral and intellectual damage caused by feminism; all have failed.

There is only one solution left available to stem the tide of damage caused by feminism. That solution depends on reducing the proportion of women in the population and for men to take control of their genetically ordained power to control the proportion of each sex in society. There is also the need for men to stop acting like women and to celebrate their masculinity. Masculinity is not wrong, it has been made wrong by feminists. Men don’t need be sensitive, soft or in touch with their feelings. Women have used their influence to make men adopt these traits so he can be dominated by feminists and their self-serving ideals.

The gravest concern to every man is that feminists have successfully adopted and implemented the same tactics as used by the Nazis to alienate and persecute the Jews. The Nazis used cartoons to portray Jews as being stupid by ridiculing them the same way that we see feminist controlled cartoons and other media ridiculing men, particularly fathers. Women have taken control of the education system and the media in a way that silences any criticism or the revelation of their insidious plans to replace the family unit with state-run authorities. They have taken control of our children in ways that makes the Hitler Youth movement look like the Girl Guides. They have taken control of the labour market by ensuring the women (Arians) have a greater right to employment than men (Jews). If the same policies that feminism apply to degrade and vilify men were to be applied to a race, creed, colour or religion, the perpetrators would be gaoled (jailed - for those from non English speaking backgrounds).


The Plan

Men have available the means to modify the proportion of women in the population and to ensure that the uncontrolled damage that feminism has caused will be reversed and never repeated. Men have the ability to permanently deny a female the opportunity to steal his seed.

The Plan is simple:

  1. Prior to the age of 16, young men will have sperm harvested for future reproductive use

  2. Young men then have a vasectomy to eliminate the unauthorised use of their sperm

  3. Now young men can live like men – no long term or exclusive relationships with women

  4. Men will never spend more than 3 months with any woman and never cohabitate as this allows women to lay claim to his assets and future earnings

  5. Initially, all men must eliminate all X chromosome sperm used for impregnation to display their ultimate control over sex in the population

  6. For 5 years, only male children will be born

  7. When having children, men must only use surrogates (with eggs or BYO) for incubation – the surrogate agreement must give all parental rights to the father and no parental rights whatsoever to the incubator or egg donor – in some countries it may be necessary to use a female relative as the incubator due to unfair laws that automatically assign parental rights to the incubator of the child

  8. Men will use The Plan to stop any females being born for 5 years then in 23 years time the men born during those 5 years will be old enough to vote

  9. The resulting majority of men voting will eliminate all females from office

  10. After this demonstration of ultimate control over the sex of children, women will recognise that they cannot win a gender war because men, and only men, possess the power to control their numbers

  11. Men can then enjoy life knowing that they can have their own home, car, investments and children without the risk of having it all ripped away by a woman

  12. With all signs of irrational feminist inspired social experimentation bullshit eradicated forever, men will now have the freedom to increase the number of women in the population to 66% (“Two girls for every boy” – The Beach Boys)

  13. Everyone will then enjoy life knowing that removal of outdated feminist fantasies have reduced crime, improved education and delivered a fair and just, yet competitive, society - free of female vanity, greed and envy

  14. Every man will have his pick of two women

Implementation of the plan will eliminate the destruction of society that has been caused by feminism. In one generation, feminism will no longer exist. The Plan is now necessary as there is no evidence of feminist ideals being replaced by socially responsible, logical, fair and equitable policies that will allow men the freedom to be men.

All young men will avoid having his life destroyed by the mechanisms that women have put in place to take his possessions and income. Men must avoid any long-term contact with a female. She has established laws that enable her to take his possessions and his income if he spends more than a few months with her. Men need to become men again, when it comes to relationships with women. No relationship should last more than a few months and no relationship should be limited to one female at a time. Females have taken from man everything that nature and millions of years of evolution have given him to adapt and survive on this planet. Women have altered social forces to mould a man’s behaviour in a way that contravenes nature and threatens man’s survival. If men were to behave like men, no woman would be able to use the courts to take his home or a proportion of his income.

Men can stop the theft of his sperm by having it harvested and stored, he can then receive a vasectomy. The vasectomy delivers the freedom for men to regain their sexual freedom that women have used to punish and enslave men. Without access to his sperm, a woman cannot become impregnated and enslave the man to her by using the child support mechanisms that she has implemented.

Using surrogates will give men full control over reproduction. The aim of the vasectomy is not to sterilise men, the objective is to completely deny women unauthorised access to his sperm. Men must then be very careful about whom they allow to bear his children. No man should ever become emotionally attached to a female. Men must never confuse their protective instincts and sexual attraction with the female’s word “love”. A man’s love for a woman is based on an instinct to protect combined with sexual attraction. Companionship with a woman might be quirky but companionship does not require cohabitation or exclusivity. Quite frankly, companionship with a female becomes quite dissatisfying once the novelty wears off and the man realises just how dull she really is. This is why it is important to eventually have two women for every man. Having two women will reduce the level of boredom experience by men as they can alternate the time spent with each woman.

A man’s love for his children is based on his duty to protect and to educate. Companionship is important and the companionship between father and child is necessary for socialising children and to develop them into strong and confident adults.

At a time when a man feels compelled to procreate he must do so using IVF techniques and will need to employ specialist services to ensure that only male embryos will be produced. The male sperm dictates the sex of children so men inherently possess the ability to control the proportion of females in society. There is no need for more females in society than what is required to satisfy a man’s sexual urges and to incubate a man’s children. In the initial stages men will completely eliminate all X chromosome sperm for 5 years as a display of control over the number of females in society. There are methods that can be used to control sperm carrying the X chromosome so this control over the proportion of females is currently available. The resulting change in the population balance will be used to remove all females from office and subsequently remove all remnants of discriminatory feminist legislation.

Once all signs of feminism are destroyed, men will be able to increase the proportion of women in society. Ultimately, men may increase the number of women in society to 66% thus providing two women to meet the needs of every man. Men must be vigilant as any sign of women attempting to revive feminism will lead to the immediate destruction of all X chromosome sperm for 5 years to remind women that men have total control over their numbers.

Men should only engage the service of surrogates to gestate their children. The terms of the surrogacy must be made very clear as the female incubator must have not rights to the child whatsoever. The traditional “mother” figure must be completely removed from the daily care of all children. If breastfeeding is desired, then contract the services of a wet nurse. Childcare facilities are currently in place to look after children while men work and these should be used to assist men achieve their personal ambitions while raising their children. Although many current childcare workers are unfortunately female, this will change once the first generation of ‘The Plan’ is complete. Child care facilities and schools should not have too many females employed as they are inappropriate role models for children. In the mean time, fathers can refuse to have any female looking after his children in child care thus forcing child care facilities to employ more men.

The availability of these services eliminates the need for the negative influences that mothers have in the life of children. We have witnessed the results of fatherlessness in feminist society yet it has become the preferred family structure. The motherless family, however, will result in higher levels of education, a greater sense of justice among children and a much more accurate moral compass, the likes of which existed before feminism eliminated fatherhood.


In the Short-term

Men must immediately cease dealing with any female employee or business owner when seeking goods and services. Feminism has taken control of the labour market via the supply of labour through Nazi style discriminatory legislation. The only way to combat this type of discrimination is to thwart it from the demand side. While consumers still have the freedom to choose with whom they wish to deal, we can alter the balance. It is very clear that businesses owned by women tend to only employ women; these businesses must be avoided at all costs.

When dealing with any business or government department, seek out male employees and deal only with them for any transaction that may have a positive outcome for the organisation. Men must also deliberately seek out female staff for complaints or other issues that will negatively impact the organisation. Men must limit all complaints against employees to females in order to highlight their incompetence and to counter their illegitimate positions in the workforce.

The purpose is to create a situation where male employees are clearly more profitable to the organisation than female employees. All men must immediately initiate this short term strategy to shift the balance in the labour market. This strategy is particularly important in any environment where bonuses, incentives or commissions are awarded for staff. Male consumers have the power to combat anti-male discrimination in the workplace and must do so immediately. Men must insist on giving all profitable business to men only!

Men need to immediately cease all use of femispeak (also known as political correctness). No man should ever use the title Ms as there is no such title in traditional English. For females the choice of title is Mrs or Miss. Men need to start using humour to ridicule women in the same way women ridicule men. For example, “How many militant feminists does it take to change a light bulb? Two; one to make me a cup of coffee while I supervise the other stupid bitch.” Why is it politically incorrect to ridicule women yet perfectly acceptable to ridicule men?

Men need to redress the lack of male oriented language. Words like masculist and masculism must be added to all dictionaries to redress the imbalance in the English language. If a university conducts subjects in “women’s studies” then that university must be avoided at all costs and discredited in any way possible. It is interesting to note that the existence of women’s studies illustrates the vanity and over inflated sense of self-importance held by women (let’s talk about me).


The Need for Change

The female is greedy, materialistic and assesses the suitability of a mate on his wealth. She purports to be loving, caring, affectionate and tender but uses these as a mechanism to feed her materialistic greed. She will offer these emotions to lure others and if she is denied whatever she seeks she will withdraw those emotions completely. She will use the same techniques on small children to confuse them and emotionally scar them for life. She is completely manipulative, unable to function independently where she will be exposed for the incompetent fraud she is. She lacks rational thought and logic allowing her venomous emotions of jealousy and fear to override any modicum of intelligence she thinks she has. She will surround herself with female friends but hates every one of them for what they might have that she doesn’t. She is spiteful and exists for revenge. Every decision she makes is based purely on what she can gain. She mistakes punitive rage and revenge for justice. When she punishes a child it is done with anger. She is superficial and bases her pleasure and happiness on material gains. She is lazy and will attach herself to the success of others. She relies on others to provide what she needs and will only work for her own gains when all other sources of revenue and wealth are exhausted. She believes that the world owes her and will take whatever she can from welfare or any other handout available. She is so preoccupied with her self-deification of motherhood that her delusions lead her to believe that her womb is the centre of the universe and all must pay homage to mother. She is cold and lacks real passion. What she believes is lust is nothing more than greed. She is a prostitute that only gives for material gain. She exists in self-denial knowing she is a whore but refuses to admit it.

The female offers nothing useful other than a womb in which to gestate a foetus. She is not sexually driven to procreate. She fakes willingness to seduce a man into believing that she is attracted to things other than his wallet. She has no shame, guilt or remorse when she misleads others into believing that she cares for them. Her attachment to her children is nothing more than a means to ensure that she will continue to receive continued materialistic gain from motherhood. Historically, she only kept her mate under the same roof to ensure that his roof stayed over her head and to provide some ongoing physical protection. She has since crafted mechanisms to ensure that the government transfer his roof to her and to have the laws introduced that guarantee women all the protection that a perpetual victim needs and more than she deserves. She no longer has a need for the close proximity of a man and will use the state to take all that he owns and all that he works for. Every female is nothing more than a succubus! She will sometimes kill her host but is usually too incompetent or lazy to do so.

Her dishonesty toward men is limitless to the point where she says size doesn’t matter but will bitterly complain about his size to all and sundry as soon as she has taken from him what she wants. She will always complain most about those she claims are closest to her. Totally devoid of any conscience or sense of justice, she will do anything to extract whatever she wants from a man. No act or deed is too evil in her pursuit of material gain. Because her greed and envy are so fundamental to her existence, after expelling one man, she will continue in her quest to find new men to exploit. She will even prey on her own kind; lesbians will assess the suitability of a “partner” based on what she can get out of her. When both are trying to extract some material gain from the relationship it will get very nasty.

She has no consideration for the emotional and moral welfare of children she mothers as she expels their father from the home. She will alienate the father from the children and turn them against him. She uses the media to paint their father as an inept idiot, a buffoon, while paradoxically relying on his natural intelligence and skill to sustain her financially. She will happily drive a man to suicide, and if that fails she can murder him and get away with it. She has manipulated the court system to provide a barrage of defences for murdering a spouse that are only available to her. She will kill her children if there is the chance of some greater material gain (e.g. a wealthier boyfriend) and has orchestrated a barrage of defences for killing her babies.


When she kills, she does it brutally. In the interest of protecting children, it is necessary for men to remove children from the female as soon as they are weaned. Once she has given birth and the children are weaned, her usefulness is spent ‘til she falls pregnant again.

In her bid to remain completely blameless for the evil in which she revels, she apportions all blame onto men; this in the fundamental tenet of feminism. While lacking useful intelligence she does possess cunning and has used it to convince everyone that her victims are to blame. When she kills a man it is now assumed that he deserved it. When she kills her babies it is now assumed that they must have been too demanding. When she attacks a child she is not taken into custody, she is sent for psychological evaluation. She has successfully convinced society that her inherent evil is a medical condition that requires treatment. Her treatment consists of her feminist aids, abettors and co-conspirators (psychologists, politician, judges and police) affirming her actions and labelling her as “brave”. For crying out loud, what would happen if a man committed the same despicable acts?

Her feminist ideals are completely hypocritical. She detests everything a man represents but she wants to be like him. She wants equality but now that she has her “female only” government departments, clubs, societies and gymnasia she refuses to allow men to have their own. It all relates to her greed and envy. She will turn against men to become a lesbian. When she does, she changes her appearance to be more like a man. If lesbianism is the ultimate celebration of femininity then why imitate masculinity? Women aspire to becoming men but lack the intelligence and ability to compete. Some women are fighting to make it illegal for men to stand whilst urinating. All of this proves that women are the worst sufferers of penis envy!

As an incomplete male, the female spends her life pursuing everything a male possesses. As a child, she learns to mimic the characteristics she observes in men but lacks the understanding of masculinity to display or use those attributes appropriately. She attempts to show strength, courage, independence, integrity, vitality and passion. But her underlying and inherently female traits of vanity, greed, envy, insecurity, weakness and sloth lead her to misuse the attributes learned from men. She will use quasi masculine behaviours to appeal to her vanity, satisfy her greed, reverse her envy onto others, unscrupulously obtain security, hide her weakness and support her sloth. Any role-play of a masculine trait is only made to achieve material gain or hide her lack of ability.

She has attempted to claim that she possesses the male traits necessary to build a fair and just society but look at how society has changed since the onslaught of irrational feminist idealism. Is society safer, fairer or more just than it was 30 years ago? What will another 30 years of her self-indulgent greed and envy bring to society?

She knows that the naturally superior intellect and skill of men will prevail so she does all she can to suppress it. After expelling male role models from the family and education system, she works endlessly to turn her male children into girls. She denies her boys the toys and games that men traditionally played with in their youth. She has successfully made many of the toys illegal. She punishes any display of masculinity. She has introduced policies into schools to ensure that the slightest display of masculinity by boys is severely punished. She has distorted all social norms to the point where men who behave as men could be found guilty of committing a criminal offence or sued.

In her bid to apportion blame to anyone but herself, she blames men for things like war and attempts to explain man’s involvement in war as a need to compensate for sexual dysfunction while she reclines on her sofa, enjoying the freedom that the death of her forefathers handed to her. If men did not die to defend her, would she be able to fully explore her greed and envy the way she does today? If feminism took hold in the 1920’s we would all be saluting the rising sun and reading Mein Kampf today.

Feminism has fought to breakdown social codes and, in this endeavour, it has been quite successful. Look at the result. It is now acceptable to use any profanity at all in any media at any time in front of children and the elderly. Offensive language no longer exists as feminists have made it perfectly acceptable to swear freely in schools, churches, nursing homes and child minding facilities. Men had the decency to keep offensive language off the street and out of the reach of children.

With so much societal change implemented by feminism one would have expected something to be done to eliminate the money system as professed by the ultimate feminist lunatic, Valerie Solanis. The truth is, without the money system, a female will have nothing to feed her greed and no material wealth to extract from a man’s knowledge and skill. This fact alone debunks the bunk that Solanis wrote about men and money. A more informed examination, backed by economic theory, supports the following analysis.

The reason for women maintaining and taking control of the money system include:

  1. Prostitution. A woman’s vanity leads her to flatter herself by attempting to explain a male’s attraction to a female in terms of her making him complete. Get over yourself, woman! Men seek the ongoing companionship of a female to reduce the cost (both time and money) of obtaining some intimate contact (and sex). She is stupid enough to believe that women need to be bribed or coerced into providing a male with companionship. It is simple to be misled to understand this, through an uneducated visceral view of female/male social interaction. However, if the aim of the female was to avoid males, then the male would need to work hard to find a female to bribe or coerce into spending time with him. If this were the case then women would not do anything to attract a male. In fact, they would overtly attempt to avoid contact with a male. A factual analysis of female/male social interaction reveals the lengths to which most females will go to in their attempt to attract a male. Why do women wear make-up and revealing clothing when they socialise with men? Do they dress the same way when having dinner with only female friends? It is quite clear that the female is selling herself and is trying hard to attract the highest bid. There is no doubt that her greed, vanity and envy are on clear display when the succubus is out hunting. Quite simply, the most attractive females will typically lure the wealthiest male. There is a clear positive correlation between the physical attractiveness of the female (supplier) and the wealth/status of the male (consumer).

  2. Using income to support her sloth. Feminism criticises the male for pursuing success and wealth whilst simultaneously orchestrating the machinations to steal that success and wealth. The female pretends to be disgusted by a man’s preoccupation with work and his uneasiness with leisure time. She does this to make the man feel guilty for her own sloth. Females do crave absorbing, emotionally satisfying, meaningful activity as long as it doesn’t involve work. But they prefer to idle and waste away their time in unproductive ways of their own choosing. This is why they have pressed males into slavery. It is also the foundation for daytime television. Just look at daytime television programming to gain an insight to the female psyche. Her ultimate goal is to sustain and gain greater control of capital through her misuse of the money system in order to survive off the labour of her hosts. She is a parasite.

  3. Reward for her vanity, greed, envy and revenge. Unmasterful in her ability to attain the knowledge and skills required to compete in the workforce, the female attains masterfulness by manipulating social systems to transfer all gains made through the labour of a man to her. The few women that earn money, do so by prostituting themselves into the labour market. They continually use their sexual vanity as a substitute for skill and knowledge in all negotiations with men. Even the working lesbian will have sex with men to secure a deal or gain a promotion (the author personally witnessed three lesbians bragging about their exploits). When having to negotiate with other women, she will use her greed, envy and revenge as a substitute for logic, knowledge and skill to get what she wants.

  4. Love substitute. Unwilling to accept love or affection, the female takes money. He is the Breadwinner she is the thief. The woman constantly seeks money or objects that money can buy as a proof of a man’s compliance. A cursory examination of the symbols of a man’s “love” for a woman quickly reveals that it is all about money. For a man to overtly display his affection for a woman, he must spend money, usually on jewellery.

  5. Provide the female with a sense of worth. Incapable of expressing herself through intrinsic rewards that are derived from labour, the female needs to have something to affirm her own self-worth. As her life goes by, she continually seeks to acquire more monetary wealth to compensate for the lack of tangible, labour derived, expressions of her existence. A man will have the results of his labour (tangible outcomes like a house that a builder builds or the car that the mechanic repairs) to affirm his existence and worth. The female lacks that capability and must compensate by accumulating possessions (paid for by the male). Often her material wealth will be squandered on things as trivial as decorative (non functional) shoes.

  6. To finance the underpinning of the female's major opportunity to control, manipulate and destroy – while promoting the deification of motherhood. She has promoted the status of motherhood to a truly sickening level. She uses the media to convince the world that a mother can do no wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. Gaining the status of motherhood provides the woman with her ultimate opportunity to control, manipulate and destroy the children who cannot defend themselves.


Motherhood and Mental Illness (Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxiy, Mania, Postnatal Depression and Schizophrenia):

Fathers instinctively protect their children and it has been proven that this instinct is very strong. One must wonder why a biological father would have such a strong instinct. Upon what threat is this protective instinct based? The answer is quite simple – the mother. Mothers harm babies! Women have applied a variety of labels to excuse their use of violence to satisfy their vanity, greed, envy and vindictiveness. These excuses have been elevated to the status of mental illnesses. Women who are conveniently diagnosed as having Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxiy (MSP) will fabricate symptoms of medical problems in their children, thus subjecting the child to unnecessary medical tests and/or surgical procedures. The mother may inflict injuries and may kill her children in the process. This is an attention-seeking behaviour to indulge the female’s need to feel “special”. A mother pretending to suffer mania will neglect her baby because she feels that she has so many other things to do – her shopping, making her own plans, rearranging her home and her life (me, me, me). Her baby is at serious risk of neglect while the greedy female satisfies her self-indulgent needs. A mother who convinces others that she is depressed may kill her baby for no reason at all. The laws on infanticide have been manipulated to allow a woman who kills her baby, within a year and a day of giving birth, to get away with murder because she is “mentally ill”. A mother who is conveniently diagnosed as having Schizophrenia can say that she believes that her baby is strange - a changeling, or the devil (Oh please!). She will then use these beliefs as an excuse to harm her children as she transfers her own evil attributes upon the innocent child.

The mother will use the government supplied mechanisms that women have put in place to expel the father from the family so that she may wallow in her self-induced pseudo madness and allow her to manipulate and harm the children without the father there to protect them. Women have used trendy feminist ideals to promote their propaganda that has warped society into believing that a mother can do no harm. Medical research however, proves the contrary. The mother is so self-absorbed that she only has children to improve her image and status in terms of the artificially induced attitude that mothers are ‘good’. Totally void of any unique contribution that a woman can make to society, she has promoted the deification of motherhood to the point where society will excuse a mother of any evil doing. A mother has no interest in what is best for children. Children are merely a means by which she will elevate her own synthetic status, accumulate wealth from the father and vicariously attach some meaning to the life she has wasted through her sloth. She imparts her attitudes and behaviour toward all others onto her children, her negative attributes of vanity, greed, envy, vindictiveness and sloth become an everyday part of her children’s life with no moderating influence from a male role model. Through a generation of feminist control over family structure, education, government policy and the legal system, we are now witnessing the antisocial female attributes in today’s children, the media and in within our community.

The vital role of the father in giving a child a successful future has been confirmed by a 40-year study into the lives of thousands in the United Kingdom. The study concluded that close paternal involvement improves academic performance, relationships and health. The presence of a father results in children being less likely to commit crime. Fathers teach values, beliefs and skills. Fathers provide the moral compass for their children. The father instils a sense justice and prepares his children for mastery in the world. He shares his knowledge, skills and perspectives about life. He helps his children to develop their self-identity and self-esteem. Fathers live with purpose, industriousness, faith, goodness and hope and they pass on their steadiness, conviction and determination to persevere under adverse circumstances. Fathers prepare children to take risks, to push themselves, to be competitive, to be courageous, and to measure up to demands. Fathers also teach responsibility and accountability. His strength and willingness to be an authority figure sets limits and consequences to actions. His high expectations of himself and others, imparts a strong work ethic, initiative and independence. Unlike the lazy mother, fathers know how to play. Before the mother expels the father, they can be observed in parks and other play areas. The father will be kicking the ball, pushing the swing and throwing the Frisbee while the mother reads a book, paints her nails or gazes vacantly into a mirror. The children learn to be active through play. Fathers teach and promote a sense of humour that does not derive amusement from the misfortune or ridicule of others. The few women that might display what some describe as a sense of humour only make jokes about men and children; again, this is done to hide their inadequacies and elevate their own status. The female comedian exploits children and men through deriving an income from ridiculing them.

The father will teach his children to get off their arse and do something invigorating that involves interaction with others and the environment. Activities will include competitive sports, high risk adventure, vacations, and outdoor experiences. Through rough play and hardship, fathers teach toughness and survival. Unlike mothers, fathers are not complainers, excessive worriers, or break down under pressure.

A Father protects and provides. The mother exploits this attribute with no sense of morality or justice. She will expel the children’s father then use the mechanisms she has put in place to take everything he owns and everything he earns until the children are adults. A woman’s greed extends no further than filling her pockets today. She will squander every cent as soon as she receives it and will not put any money aside for her children’s future. After all, she takes the father’s money for herself, not for her children. A father cares about the next generation and will work hard to provide opportunities for his children’s success and future generations. Fathers understand sacrifice and will go without in order to care for his children and their children.

Mothers will force children to engage in mind-numbing, introspective activities in order to deprive them of experiences that will enable them to make social observations that will expose her disgusting self-centred attributes. She abhors competitive sport due to her own lack of drive to be competitive at anything that is not driven by greed or envy. She will deny them the opportunity to gain independence through taking risks and other adventurous behaviour because she thrives on her children’s continual dependence. Without the children’s dependence she has no sense of worth from the artificial status she has placed on motherhood. She exploits her children. She uses them as bargaining chips in negotiations with the children’s father and other relatives. They are her meal ticket; she expels the father and retains the children to secure her ongoing income. As a child outgrows his child support he will be expelled and replaced with another when the succubus hunts down another male host and steals his sperm.

The mother excludes the male to perpetuate her disgustingly selfish female ideals. Without the father she can reduce the impact that masculinity has on exposing her self-centred sadistic nature. She forces her son’s to be girls. She stops them from developing a sense of adventure and will punish them for any display of independence. She is consumed with envy knowing that her sons can be everything that she cannot. Her jealousy drives her to do anything to stifle her sons’ development. She will use guilt, shame and blame to stop the father or any male role model from developing her sons’ masculinity. She will chastise the father for using rough play, fostering competitiveness or developing the boys’ sense of humour. She is repulsed by such behaviour because it is out of her reach.

The effect of motherhood on boys makes them lazy, greedy, vain, uneducated, unskilled, shy, cowardly, weak, stupid, illiterate, innumerate, compliant, spiteful, rude, discourteous, insecure, sad and unmotivated. A male with these attributes cannot compete in the labour market so the only means of survival available to him are crime and welfare. We know this to be true as today’s social landscape makes it self-evident. It does not take a trained sociologist to see how teenage boys without fathers behave today. Her increased influence over boys aims to crush his drive and ambition to be something greater that the ineffectual lump of day time television consuming, oxygen wasting excrement that his mother is. When she wrings out the last ounce of his drive and snuffs out his dreams of contributing to the world, he is ready to become a passive victim of female greed. If he does enter the workforce, he will not pose a significant threat to the incompetent women around him.

The effect of motherhood on girls perpetuates every negative attribute she possesses. Displays of her own prostitution teach a girl that the only thing of value she possesses is her sexuality. Young girls that don’t have close contact with their father use their sexuality for profit at a very early age. Real research proves that girls without their biological father are far more likely to become pregnant in their early teenage years. The acceptable social norms set by mothers for young girls have deteriorated to the point where preteen girls can be observed wearing shirts with “M.I.L.F. in training” printed on them and the dolls that mothers buy their girls look like slutz (spelt with a z for good reason, figure it out for yourself). Preteen girls aspire to be like the sleazy female “auto-tuned” unmusical hip-hop vocal artists they see while loafing on the sofa watching music videos on TV. Girls without their biological father don’t have any ambitious career aspirations. They just want to be a sofa loafer like their mother. Today’s little girls are taught to hate all men and despise their father. Her mother prepares her to intellectually appreciate the cerebral stimulation that day time television that entertains her. The mother knows that if the daughter were to develop a higher intellectual function, she may realise exactly how hypocritical and ridiculously unjust feminism really is. There is the risk that a female with higher intelligence, advanced numeric ability and highly developed logic will expose her mother for what she really is. Women therefore, promote substandard education for all. For the boys, substandard education will assist in making them more susceptible to becoming an easy victim of the succubus. For the girls, a substandard education will stop them from realising how unbelievably immoral everything is that she does to a man. Thanks to mummy, we have the perfect predators and prey.

It is the artificially elevated status of motherhood that comes from women, attempting to compensate for their complete lack of any useful contribution to society, that has fooled moronic politicians and judges to encourage the abduction of children from fathers and place them at mortal risk with the mother. Through the government sanctioned theft of assets and income, the woman has transferred wealth to the point where single motherhood is a highly lucrative means to deliver an affluent life for any slovenly, idle and inanely dumb mother. Her greed and need to keep her children dumber than she, ensures that the assets and income that she has pocketed from the children’s father will not be spent on educating the children.

The effect of single mothers, in sum, has been to corrode the world with stupidity and the malicious desecration of economic resources.

She has also convinced the idiots that operate political and judiciary systems to give her the ultimate right over life and death of children. She is legally sanctioned to kill any foetus at will, regardless of the fact that the foetus is made up of 50% of the father. Conversely, the father has absolutely no say in the continuance or termination of any pregnancy. As with all other assets, property and income – the OWNERSHIP of every foetus is arbitrarily transferred completely to the female.

Frivolity, irrationality, fantasy and lunacy (disguised as spiritualism): The female is nothing but fluff, incapable of logical thought or rational decision making. Her total lack of reasoning comes from the self-serving attributes that motivate and drive her behaviour. Her earliest experiences are with her own mother who used vanity and greed to exploit all around her. Throughout her life she refines her hunting techniques to the point where she begins to emotionally blackmail and manipulate her own victims. She is not equipped to understand what she is doing she just knows that it works.

Her greatest need is to compensate for her own useless existence. Her mother has ensured that she can only survive by exploiting others so she will immediately go to work on using others to attempt to become something from nothing. She masters the weapons in her arsenal and men find her intellectual weakness and lunacy appealing; much like a child enjoys a pet. She then goes in for the kill using her body to manipulate the man into satisfying her vanity and greed.

The male’s logic and sense of justice, of which she is acutely aware but cannot comprehend, frightens her. She knows that honesty and justice could obstruct her immoral, government assisted theft of assets and income. Male spiritualism is not like the females lunacy. Male spiritualism is based on the inner peace derived from being fair and just, and by doing right by others. These male attributes, combined with his intelligence and ambition, fuels the anger she feels from her envy. She uses this anger to justify her larcenous behaviour, continually trying to convince herself, her children, friends and relatives that she deserves the assets and income that she strips from men. She muses about being at one with the universe and places herself on a higher spiritual plane than men. It is all just a dream, a fantasy in which she dwells because she know that she offers nothing of value to the real world.

Physical attraction and the female form: Functioning purely as collector of the outcome of a man’s achievements and lacking any ability that can be uniquely attributable to her other than the ability to incubate a foetus, females differ from each other only in their physical appearance. It is, therefore, logical that males will be attracted to elements of physical appearance, as all other female attributes are common to all. It is also logical that the physical appearances most closely related to the only useful female attribute (child bearing) will be of greatest interest to males. Breasts and hips (hips interrelate with legs and bums) are the only things that differentiate one woman from the next. The male’s attraction to the physical appearance of females is not based on reducing females to anything less than what they really are. If females were primarily differentiated in their intellect, skills, work performance, self-confidence, physical strength or sense of humour then males would be attracted to those attributes. It is therefore quite logical for men to place greater emphasis on physical appearance when selecting a female.

The attributes that a woman looks for in her male victims are much more diverse because there is much more to differentiate males. Of all the diversity that contributes to the identity of the male, females are predominantly attracted to those attributes that are most closely related to his capacity to accumulate wealth, which she can steal from him. The exception to this is when the male already possesses wealth. If a man already has substantial assets then the assets alone will be enough to attract the female regardless of the male’s physical or psychological attributes. This means that she will run to the bed of the oldest and ugliest wealthy man imaginable as she will be able to use her court system to transfer everything he has to her. If he is ugly, she’ll get rid of him through divorce; if he is old, she will drive him to his grave. Either way, she will take it all and convince everyone that she deserves it all and will blame him for the divorce or his own death. In her time of mourning she will take advantage of the situation and have all around her giving her the attention that she continually craves to validate her worthless existence while playing the perennial victim.

She attaches words like nurturing, accepting and caring to her maternal nature as if they are attributes exclusively available to females. She knows that these traits are not exclusively female but has claimed right to those attributes. Men display these characteristics altruistically while the woman uses them as weapons. Still dissatisfied with her own lack of value to society, she continues to expand her claim over masculine traits to the point where she believes that she will self-sacrifice to protect her children. Her acts of killing her own children as a means to achieve her selfish ends prove the contrary. She will, in fact, sacrifice her children to protect herself.

The female’s only unique value to society as a bearer of children causes her to define her own existence purely in maternal terms. Even without children of her own she will fake the display of maternal behaviours toward other children.

On the matter of privacy: There are male matters that men hold private and there are female matters that don’t interest men. This is clearly the case as men have had no desire whatsoever to gain membership to any female organisation while women have fought tooth and nail to gain access to every male club, society and organisation. She is too stupid to realise why men have not wanted to gain access to any female orientated organisation. Her need to be the centre of attention drives her to insist on a man showing an interest in her pedestrian conversation. Males know that a female is incapable of comprehending much of what interests him and he has the decency to spare confusing her with discussing such matters. The greedy female, however, must have access to everything he possesses. She hates it when she doesn’t know what he is doing. She will say that she is curious or interested to make excuses for her greed and envy, she will not allow a man privacy. Once she gains access to a male club, society, gym or other organisation, she immediately changes it to suit her own vacuous needs. She makes the changes because she cannot cope with the intellectual and moral standards of the organisation. There may be times when a man might voluntarily converse with a female. However, any conversational interest that a male may have with a female is based on a search for some modicum of female differentiation beyond her physical appearance. This is an ongoing and largely unsatisfied quest for the man.

In her greedy quest to obtain everything male that is driven by her envy, she wants to spend time with men. While doing so, she is preoccupied with what she can gain from any interaction with any male. In any ongoing relationship she will reach a point when she realises that she cannot take the man’s intellect, skills, work performance, self-confidence, physical strength, sense of humour or any other intrinsically male trait. It is at this time she will destroy the relationship. It might only take several days or weeks; for some it may take many years. Historically, she would stay with the man because she lacks the willingness and ability to earn her keep in society. Her anger and frustration has driven her to convince gullible politicians and homosexual men to engineer the social change that enables her to destroy the relationship and unscrupulously keep all assets while receiving continuing income. The male is completely blameless and because he has done nothing to deserve having everything that he has worked for taken from him, he is confused by her irrational behaviour. His sense of justice and fair play make it difficult to understand her insatiable greed.

The Destruction of Family and Community: Our society is not a community, but merely a collection of single mother families and devastated dads. The concept of family and community has been destroyed by the female’s selfishness. Upon ripping her children’s family apart, she seeks to completely alienate the father to eliminate his protection that will interfere with damage that she is compelled to inflict on her children. She abducts the children; uprooting them from their patriarchal extended family, school and friends. She needs to escape any small community that has witnessed her greed and cruelty. She needs to find a new hunting ground where her future victims are unaware of her immoral behaviour. She finds new people to exploit and will spin her accounts of the past, casting all blame on the father of her children. The process has been repeated countless times to the point where she has fractured every community in Western society. Her inability and unwillingness to allow her children to adopt any noble male characteristics relating to justice, law, order, self-control, discipline or respect has led her children to turn feral. They have no respect for property or other people and will act impulsively, driven by the greed that they have learned from their mother. Because her true usefulness to children ends at the time the children are weaned, she has conveniently attributed her lack of parenting skills to a variety of medical conditions. She does this so that her children become the problem rather than taking responsibility for being a useless parent. The most popular excuses she uses to deflect blame include Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Conduct Disorder (CD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Women have outlawed childhood discipline because discipline, particularly self-discipline, is a masculine attribute. Order and self-discipline lead to higher academic achievement that threatens her tenuous grip on hiding her own inadequacies and unscrupulous behaviour. Her inability and unwillingness to teach self-discipline is covered up by her newly invented medical conditions.

The female’s vanity, greed and envy have destroyed other elements of society as she pushes these attributes to become societal norms. Her success in this endeavour is evidenced through “Reality TV”. These programs would never exist in a society that values fairness, justice and equity. However, in a society that values female vanity greed and envy such programs will rate well. Feminism has made these negative attributes societal norms and Reality TV now rewards those attributes with celebrity and a million dollars to fuel the greed. Every deviously nefarious act, motivated by female values, performed by any show participant (male or female) is generously rewarded. The show producers pitch the programme to dim witted women and the undereducated children of the second generation single mothers. The “dumbed down” children can’t get enough of the televised evil. Ignoring the needs for discipline, she allows even the youngest child to watch these television programs despite ratings systems warning against it.

The intelligent female (?): The more intelligent woman’s reliance on her vanity, greed and envy to survive is not as strong as the average woman’s. She is excited about the possibility of independently gaining material wealth rather than having to steal it from a man. She will still use her sexuality in negotiations and will use a man’s sense of justice and protective instincts against him. Unfortunately, her position in society is largely artificial. The mandatory university placements, study assistance and special assessment methods reserved exclusively for females has diluted her real status and places society at risk. The female surgeon operating on a child may only have that qualification because she was guaranteed her training and qualification because she is female. Affirmative action is dangerous but it contributes to the feminist objective to “dumb down” society.

Better qualified men are denied positions in education and employment in order to maintain arbitrary quotas. Such positions are going to a lesser qualified, inexperienced and incapable females. This sexual discrimination has been renamed to sound like something positive. “Affirmative Action” sounds so much better than sexual discrimination. If a man receives something that a woman does not deserve, it is called sexual discrimination. If a woman receives something that she does not deserve it is called “affirmative action”. She uses her manipulation of words (femispeak or political correctness) to justify her greed and disguise her inadequacies. She even gives feminist “newspeak” a title that sounds quite palatable – political correctness. She implies that the English language before feminism was somehow incorrect.

Her influence over all aspects of the education system is designed to lower the bar to a level where her own lack of intelligence disappears.

The intelligent female is therefore now just a myth. She only exists due affirmative action. In today’s society, there is no way of knowing if a woman might be truly intelligent because she has probably just used another feminist fantasy to mislead society. Until we eliminate discrimination and bring back intelligence tests that truly correlate with general ability in our very real, mechanically driven time and space based universe, we must assume that there is no such thing as the truly intelligent woman.

The independently successful woman babbles on about her knowledge, skill and ability, but she has no understanding of how to appropriately use such attributes more than any other woman. She will use knowledge, skill and ability to manipulate others, to reverse her envy and to ultimately feed her greed. A woman will only acquire some knowledge, skill and productive ability to compensate for a lack of the attributes associated with her primary function; bearing children. When her physical attributes associated with bearing children and attracting men are lacking, the female will seek knowledge, skill and ability to compensate. This phenomenon explains the “bimbo”. The stronger the physical characteristics associated with child bearing, the more attractive she will be to a male which results in her placing a greater reliance on her looks to acquire material gain from a male. The weaker the physical characteristics associated with child bearing, the less attractive she will be to a male which results in a lower likelihood of acquiring material gain from the male. The woman’s inherent sloth leads her to use of her physical appearance as the preferred option for acquiring wealth. The added bonus of using her physical appearance is that it also feeds her vanity. The use of knowledge, skill and productive abilities are a fall back position that will only be utilised if she believes her physical appearance will not secure sufficient material gain from a man. Her demand for products and services such as make-up, hair styling and cosmetic surgery to improve her physical appearance, delivers proof of her preference to use her looks to acquire and control capital.

Social disobedience: Although she claims to value community she has destroyed all the rules that underpin a fair, just and safe community. She makes her own lack of discipline “normal” by removing order from society. Stripping away communal values of fairness and decency, she has built a society based on her all-important selfishness, vanity and greed. This has resulted in a society focussed on ends regardless of the means to achieve those ends.

She has immorally gained illegitimate access to positions that have put her into roles that she cannot perform. Her vengefulness and spite make it impossible for her to function in any position relating to justice. She is the perfect lawyer as she knows how to distort the rules to suit herself, but she knows nothing of justice. As a judge she cannot dispense justice dispassionately. Her improper use of artificial admission to positions of power has resulted in the sexist laws that she uses to emasculate all men. She cannot be trusted in any position of power.

Authority and Government: Having no sense of fairness or justice and fuelled by her greed, she steals authority and demands respect rather than earning them. Her insatiable need to acquire and control capital while contributing nothing, will see her rise to high levels within government. She seeks to criticise and ultimately replace all masculine authorities as she is threatened by the justice upon which those authorities were originally based. By imitating the natural authority of men she hopes to gain respect. But any society based on fairness, justice and equity will easily identify her ulterior motives. She uses her imitation of a man to claim ownership of his strong and unwavering sense of justice and his inherent role as protector. She has used her feminist clap trap to ensure that all authorities kowtow to her ruthless greed.

She removes the role of competition from society so that her inability to compete does not handicap her hijacking of authority and control of capital.

Philosophy, Religion, and Morality Based on Sex: The male's sense of justice and morality are designed to protect society from greed and envy. These ethical and moral safeguards are interrelated with classical philosophy and religion. Being hamstrung by ethics and morals, the woman seeks to undermine all methods of societal protection based on the guidance and control offered by ethics and religion. Moreover, feminist philosophy seeks to destroy such controls to make any immoral act socially acceptable. If Plato were a woman there would be no “Republic”. The basis of salvation through abiding by a moral code is to promote all members of a society treating others in a fair and just manner. The female has sought to destroy happiness on this earth by creating a society that is stupid, immoral, unethical and outright dangerous for those who cannot immorally defend themselves.

She knows that she cannot enter heaven due to her evil nature and vindictive envy. This has led her to create hell on earth.

Prejudice (racial, ethnic, religious, etc): The female needs scapegoats onto whom he can project her failings and inadequacies and upon whom she can vent her frustration at not contributing anything other than her gestation ability to society. She has used her ‘shit house rat’ cunning, to re-label her own racial, ethnic, religious and sexual discrimination as “political correctness” and “affirmative action”. She uses these machinations to undermine everything that might get in her way of stealing power and capital from men. She is demeaning to others in the extreme suggesting that some people need to have everyone else handicapped in order to achieve. This strategy further lowers competitive performance in society thus improving her relative abilities. Her handicapping of society comes at an enormous cost as she insists that those who she “helped” are expected to adopt and promote her feminist fantasy ideals. She has manipulated minority groups into believing that her ideals are designed to help members of those groups. She uses them as her puppets to promote her selfish social experiment. The primary victims of this manipulation are homosexual men. Valerie Solanis made it quite clear that homosexual men are the perfect puppet for feminism in her S.C.U.M. Manifesto.

Competition, Prestige, Status, Formal Education, Ignorance and Social and Economic Classes: Her inability to compete in the real world causes the woman to construct her own society where competition, knowledge and skill don’t exist. If her fantasy world existed 500,000 years ago we would still be living in caves today. She pretends that she possess knowledge and ideas but directs these inwardly. This is very convenient for her because with no outward expression of such knowledge and ideas, we have to take her word for it that they exist.

She loves prestige and status but does not want to have to compete for them. She needs to have it all delivered to her as she submerges herself in her daytime television world of feminist fantasy. As the self-proclaimed perennial victim, she insists that higher education is designed to exclude people from professions rather than to educate into such professions. Her lack of understanding of the role of competition guarantees a continual de-evolution of quality in all professions. She is naïve enough to think that excluding incompetent people from professions should be outlawed. If she had her way, we could all be qualified brain surgeons conducting surgery in caves. This is clearly a world that could only exist in fantasy, but she works endlessly to make such a world real.

The female clearly has a vested interest in promoting her fantasy world based on incompetence.

Prevention of Conversation: In her need to destroy a reality that needs competence and competition to improve society, she has assumed control of language to promote her fantasies. As the ultimate hypocrite she is against all forms of censorship but has removed freedom of speech through her “politically correct” language. This control over language has been used to make any criticism of feminism socially unacceptable and in many instances, illegal.

Her own conversation is typically a waste of time and oxygen. She will share embellished stories steeped in fantasy. It is almost impossible to extract a factual account of events from her ramblings. She uses what she has to say as a weapon to impose guilt on children, foster envy among her peers, attack her critics, apportion blame to others and express her paranoia through continual complaining.

She upsets all around her by not exercising any self-control over her mouth but excuses her disgusting use of profanity as an expression of deviant original opinion. She thinks that bitchy conversation is admirable and promotes this to her children. Her appalling use of language make most men feel ill.

Friendship: She uses the word love rather than companionship and friendship to further her power over others. She has promoted an ideal that women are much more capable of giving love and therefore love is a possession that she can choose to give, withhold or deny. This is one of her most powerful weapons that she uses to manipulate the behaviour of others. If she gets what she wants she may give her “love” in return. If she doesn’t she will withhold her “love”. If she wants nothing to do with someone she will deny that person any of “her” “love”.

She uses her “love” to coerce the children she wishes to dominate and exploit, into hating their father. Her denial of love gives her the legal right to strip a man of his assets and income. The moment she states that she no longer “loves” a man with whom she has had some ongoing relationship; she has government sanctioned power to have the man evicted from his own home and her courts and judges will subsequently transfer his assets and income to her.

When it comes to friendship she will have more friends than a male. She needs a larger number of social peers to hedge her bets when it comes to vanity. With only one friend, she has limited opportunity to see herself as superior across multiple points of comparison. By having more friends, she can select a variety of people where she can be superior using one particular point of reference or another. There will be one friend who will have less wealth than her, one who is less attractive, one with a man who earns less than the one she is exploiting, one who is not as clever, etc. This phenomenon explains why single women will have friends who are single; those with children will have friends with children, etc. A cursory observation reveals that when a woman couples with a man she will associate with other women who are “coupled”, when she has children she will move into a social circle with others who have children. It is due to her envy and lack of self-worth that she needs these “friendships”. Her friendships with other women serve no purpose beyond social comparison. When the social comparison becomes unfavourable, her friend immediately becomes a bitch and the social bond is broken and her “love” for that friend is withdrawn until the social comparison becomes favourable or she will deny the friend her love. She will alter her circle of friends to make sure that her social comparisons are based on similar social circumstances. This explains the single-mother power-lunches that can be witnessed at shopping malls on welfare payment days.

Sexuality: She uses her sexuality and sex as a weapon and source of income. She uses it to reward herself and to punish others. It is the only intrinsic capital that she possesses so it is the only method at her disposal to gain what she wants. She lacks the passion to experience lust. Her attraction is based purely on what capital she can gain from any physical contact with a man. She may articulate an attraction to a male based on the man’s appearance but she will find a man with similar physical features infinitely more attractive if his appearance is backed by a higher income and/or greater material wealth. Her lack of passion and subsequent inability to experience true lust makes her a cold and unfeeling agent in any relationship. This gives her the freedom to focus purely on how she can achieve material gain from the relationship without any sense of guilt, remorse or empathy for her victims.

Masculinity: She has effectively made masculinity illegal for men and socially desirable for women. A man who acts like a man runs the risk of being charged with criminal offences or sued under common law. Volumes of legislation and case law now exist to ensure that men will be punished for any display of masculinity. As the perpetual victim, she has constructed a fantasy where any man who is caught evaluating a woman for the only unique attributes she possesses (physical attractiveness) is guilty of being sexist. In this same fantasy world, a woman who evaluates a man on his physical appearance (or bank balance), is deemed to be some sort of heroine.

She has also conspired with her “dumbed down” homosexual academics to hold themselves out as some sort of expert in masculinity. These gender misfits are attempting to reconstruct masculinity into something that women can more easily kick around. They ramble on about men having to change to fit with their “interpretation” of what masculinity should be. Get a grip on reality! Men are the way they are through more than 500,000 years of adaptation to survive on this planet and to protect the survival of the species by stopping the greedy female from ruining society. What will happen to society if men adopt the feminist’s idea of masculinity? We refuse to change so deal with it!

In today’s screwed up feminist society, each of the following masculine attributes have been deemed as being negative for men and positive for women. For example, independence in a man is now viewed as a weakness but for a female, independence is considered a strength.

Independent, assertive, aggressive, protective, witty, disciplined, virile, strong, brave, hard working, ambitious, competitive, stoic, objective, intellectual, rational, scientific, practical, mechanical, dogmatic, dominating, individualistic, demanding, proud, decisive and adventurous are all now viewed as being negative attributes for men whilst being touted as positive attributes for women. In fact, a woman who mimics masculine attributes is considered “strong”. The female’s hypocrisy and lack of rational thought is, once again, clearly demonstrated by this trend. She does not realise that by promoting these attributes in women and demonising them in men, she has show just how stupid and dishonest she really is. If such attributes are a sign of strength in women, then men must logically be inherently strong. In early schooling boys are discouraged or punished if they display any of these behaviours while girls are rewarded. Just imagine how confusing this is for boys.


A Better Future

The pinnacle of feminist stupidity is the woman’s desire to be freed of the role of mother and housekeeper while implementing a system by which women are financially encouraged to produce children thus enabling them to sit at home and perform “home duties”, like spreading out on the sofa to soak up daytime television dribble. We live in a society where women aspire to finding sperm donors, spitting out children and then asset stripping the sperm donors so she can feed off the labour of others. How liberating! This is, without doubt, the most comical aspect of feminism.

There is however, promise for the future. There are men who now recognise that chivalry should only be applied to women who behave like women. These men know that the women in the world who want to mimic men should be treated like men. Despite their hatred of competition, these women have now engineered a society where men must fight to return justice and equality to all. Now that women no longer behave like women, men will fight them. The gloves are off!

It has become clearly apparent that men must shut down feminism and implement some control over the woman’s negative impacts that have destroyed society. Men know that women can contribute nothing meaningful or worthwhile to society beyond the gestation of foetuses and wet nursing. It is clear to men that women only use the products of male labour (including inventions, literature, philosophy and art) to satisfy their greed. Women have made it very clear that they cannot be trusted in any position of authority. This is particularly true of every woman in education where she has deliberately slowed the advancement of society. Men now know that women cannot be trusted to read any academic literature as they are not equipped to understand how the information should be used to better society. Men have seen how women have taken the work of men and twisted it to suit her nefarious objectives. For example, men know how she has twisted the work of Marx to feather her own nest.

There is now a movement to fight male oppression and destroy the feminist culture that has delivered immeasurable harm to society. There are men that will now do whatever it takes to remove feminist fantasies from society. These men are members of S.C.R.U.F.F. the Society for Cutting and Ripping Up Feminist Fantasies. Any man who knows how to behave like a real man is a SCRUFF.

Men who have what it takes to be independent, assertive, aggressive, protective, witty, disciplined, virile, strong, brave, hard working, ambitious, competitive, stoic, objective, intellectual, rational, scientific, practical, mechanical, dogmatic, dominating, individualistic, demanding, proud, decisive and adventurous are SCRUFFs. These men see straight through the fantasy world created by feminists and recognise the realities required for a functional society.

Unimpeded by vanity, greed, injustice and stupidity, SCRUFFs celebrate masculinity and will use it to break apart the feminist’s dysfunctional social experimentation. Despite feminism’s pressure on public opinion, SCRUFFs have resisted being the sensitive new age guy or metrosexual pansy. SCRUFFs have the guts and determination to ignore femispeak and tell it like it is.

The days of SCUM are over; it’s time for the REAL show to begin. SCRUFFs have a lot of damage to repair, it won’t be easy but masculine intelligence and ability will return the justice and morality required to protect society from the evil that now prevails from the lunacy of feminism.
Adventure and Competition: Women have made life unadventurous. There is now no reason to excel or strive to better oneself. Everyone wins and everyone gets the prize; therefore nobody wins or loses and we have a generation of ignorant dreamers in fairy land that aspire to mediocrity while expecting unfounded greatness. SCRUFFs will return competition and adventure to life in a way that prepares people for a real and vital life.

Secrecy, Censorship, Suppression of Knowledge and Ideas, and Exposés: Every female's deep-seated, secret, most hideous fear is of being exposed as an incompetent dullard. She fakes niceness, politeness and 'dignity' to hide her nefarious motives to drag society down to her own level. In order to achieve her ends, the female must resort to:

  1. Censorship. The feminist ideal to remove censorship has become selective censorship. She allows any negative message that promotes selfishness and vanity to be freely published and distributed whilst attacking and banning any responsible message that promotes ethical, family and community values. She has removed any negative opinions of offensive language because she associates the use of profanity as butch and thinks that by using that language she is in some way more masculine. She has allowed such language to be acceptable in kindergartens and school playgrounds. She is offended when a male uses profanities but applauds the woman who cannot complete a sentence without at least one expletive word.

  2. Suppression of all ideas and knowledge that might expose her or threaten her faux dominant position in 'society'. Much social data are suppressed, because it is proof of the female's gross dishonesty. She hides empirical data that clearly show that; women are equally guilty of domestic violence, lesbians engage in domestic violence, children are at a greater risk of harm from their mother than their biological father, fatherlessness leads to high levels of delinquency in children and men are more intelligent than women. All of these have been proven in peer reviewed, empirical research but has been suppressed by feminists and their puppets. She also suppresses any research that exposes her use of mental illness as an excuse for killing and maiming children and men. She has done the same with any research that exposes her use of new childhood mental illnesses that excuse her poor parenting and the resulting lack of discipline in society. Feminism seeks to blame men for mental illness just as it seeks to blame everything on anything other that the woman. Men don’t blame women for mental illness. Men have the intelligence to see that women use the “label” of mental illness to disguise their own failure. Men, therefore, know how to cure these illnesses rather than merely treating them with drugs. The cure is simple, remove feminism and end female involvement with children once they are weaned.

  3. Discrediting exposés. The female's greatest threat in life is to be exposed for what she is. Women despise exposés because they know that well presented facts will destroy the feminist myth. She fears the attention it will draw to her inadequacies and the methods she uses to hide them. She will use pseudo research (advocacy research) to discredit exposés that show her for what she is.

Incapable of a positive contribution to society (which is the only thing that can justify one's worthwhile existence), the female is, at best, lazy, ineffectual and incompetent. She is not easily bored as the most asinine event will entertain her. Much of what entertains her is dished up during daytime television and the most pedestrian attempts at creative literature delivered in women’s magazines. Her dulling effect on children has increased the popularity of all mindless forms of entertainment.

She absorbs all around her, assuming ownership of all without contributing any physical or intellectual effort. She is the ultimate parasite and her own children are included in her hosts. She is therefore, ethically not entitled to exist in a working and thinking society. She must be shown that her numbers can be controlled!

A person who contributes to the welfare and protection of all others has a greater right to exist than any person who exploits others, especially their own children. It is, therefore, logical that men have a greater right to exist than women. Men, therefore, have the right and responsibility to control the existence of women!

Men have contributed more to advances in society while women have merely consumed and exploited those advances. Women have never made any significant contribution to science, engineering, technology, defence, art or music. She has exploited all of these to further her own cause and elevate her status to a point that far exceeds her contribution. The feminist has used the printing press, radio, television, telecommunications technology and computer technology to spread her poison without crediting the intelligence and expertise of the men who have made all of this available to her. Such acts of theft and misappropriation must be made obvious for all to see. She has taken ownership of institutions (e.g., governments and universities) developed by men. She uses those institutions to indoctrinate the dumbed down, unsuspecting and trusting society into her fantasy world of deception.

Much of the damage that she has caused to society is now self-evident and the beginning of the end of her reign of terror is upon us. Escalating crime rates, juvenile delinquency, lack of justice and the drop in intellectual ability are now obvious and it is the responsibility of every SCRUFF to repair more than 30 years of the feminist’s destructive influence.

SCRUFFs will take the lead by ceasing to engage in any transactional activity with women beyond sexual interaction.

SCRUFFs will undermine the position of women in the labour force by refusing to obtain goods or services from any female owned/operated business or any female service provider. All complaints regarding any transaction with an organisation will attribute the blame exclusively to females working within that organisation.

SCRUFFs will deny all women access to sperm as women cannot be trusted to not misuse it and unethically commence a pregnancy that she will use to strip assets and income from men.

SCRUFFs will store their sperm prior to having a vasectomy.

SCRUFFs will destroy sperm carrying the X chromosome for 5 years as a clear demonstration of control over the number of women in the population.

SCRUFFs will limit the role of women in society to that which their contribution is unique, the gestation and nursing of children as well as meeting the sexual needs of men.

SCRUFFs will use surrogates to gestate and nurse children. They will ensure that the surrogacy agreement removes all parenting rights from the woman performing the gestation and/or the egg donor. Where necessary, SCRUFFs will use female relatives for this purpose to avoid any statutory rights assigned to women.

SCRUFFs will continue an ongoing public awareness program to disseminate valid, empirical data that prove the lack of any positive contribution of females to society.

SCRUFFs will celebrate all aspects of masculinity. Their independence frees them from the need to risk their assets and income by engaging in any long term relationship with a woman.

SCRUFFs will return the teaching of justice, equity and discipline to children. They will also elevate the literacy and numeracy skills in society thus improving productivity and a sense of worth for all.

Ultimately, as the intelligence of society is increased, people will be able to clearly understand the damage caused by women’s insane attempts to imitate men. Society will clearly see through the feminist myth.

Once feminism is eradicated, SCRUFFs will allow the proportion of females in society to climb to 66%. Appropriate legislative changes must be made to control the impacts of the female’s sloth and greed by ending the asset stripping of men. Prior to allowing the proportion of women in the population to exceed 50%, legislation will be enacted that immediately gives full custody of all children to the father, thus ensuring the intellectual and moral wellbeing of future generations.

Unlike the lunacy of Valerie Solanis, that seeks to wipe out men, SCRUFFs know that to maintain masculinity there is a need to have sufficient females in the population to entertain and gratify the needs of men. This will be the ultimate celebration of masculinity.

There is the opportunity for men to exercise even greater control over the breeding of women. Rather than merely controlling the number of women in society, selective breeding offers the opportunity to alter the appearance of women to meet the needs of men. Men have successfully bred dogs in a way that alters their physical appearance. The same principles can be applied to women. Selective breeding will enable SCRUFFs to breed out any risk of future attempts at feminism. As females become more physically attractive, they will be less likely to attempt to think or pretend to be masculine.

Solanis promoted the annihilation of all men which exposed her desire to be male as she considered herself to be the replacement for men. SCRUFFs know that men cannot celebrate masculinity if they are homosexual. The homosexual male deludes himself into believing that he is masculine but his so-called masculinity is the feminist’s neo male that is clearly more feminine than masculine. The homosexual male has a strong tendency to display the negative attributes of females, particularly vanity and envy. The homosexual male has been the perfect puppet of feminism and has been exploited by women by through their attempt to attach some male credibility to their idiotic ideology. SCRUFFs are not interested in controlling the influence of homosexual men on society as once feminism is eliminated the homosexual male will have minimal impact on the community. It is quite feasible that the return of masculinity will make homosexuality less fashionable or trendy. True masculinity inspires young men to be real men. When feminism effectively outlawed masculinity and removed all male role models, boys no longer became men. Feminism has caused boys to mimic women. The word gay must never be used to describe homosexual men it is just another example of a dysfunctional minority hijacking the English language. The word gay means happy or joyous; nothing else.

SCRUFFs are highly concerned about the closet homosexual males in governments and the legal system who endorse and support feminism. There is little doubt that all male politicians that deny their masculinity by supporting feminism are homosexual. This goes all the way to the top of every feminist controlled government and court. Current male Presidents, Prime Ministers, judges and senior ministers that support feminism are, without doubt, closet homosexuals living in denial. Those who are married to women, are merely creating the illusion that they are straight, family men. Nothing could be further from the truth; they all kowtow to feminists as all well behaved homosexual males do.

By removing the fraudulent dominance of feminism in society, a natural social evolution will occur that will return justice, equity, self-respect and discipline. SCRUFFs are the catalyst of change. SCRUFFs will remove feminism and to free up the natural return of a safer and equitable society administered by real men.

The waiting is over. SCRUFFs will eliminate feminism overnight by harvesting sperm, denying women access to sperm and eliminating all sperm carrying the X chromosome for 5 years. Due to its lack of intelligent and rational thinking, feminism overlooked the simple fact that men control the sex of children. Such stupidity should not be allowed to exist in modern society. Sperm determines the sex of the child; men own the sperm so men ultimately own the proportion of each sex in the population. Valerie Solanis was too moronic to realise this and today’s feminists are much more mentally inept than Solanis through believing her idiotic beliefs 30 years after she scribed her induced fantasies.

By eliminating all sperm carrying the X chromosome, SCRUFFs will demonstrate that women have no power whatsoever in the gender war that they initiated. SCRUFFs will use their control over the distribution of sperm to control all aspects of the size and makeup of the population.

The planned initial jump in the proportion of men will be used to vote every female and homosexual male (feminist sympathiser) from political office. SCRUFFs will completely eliminate all signs of feminism in 23 years which is 10 years less than what it took to women to cause all the damage that we suffer today.

But SCRUFFs are impatient; SCRUFFs will start the process by undermining every female in the labour market. Additional measures to disrupt the feminist controlled economies have already commenced. SCRUFFs are currently leaving the labour market and have been engaging in protest activities to disrupt the economy. Deliberate disruptions to morning peak hour traffic causing thousands to be late for work are costing the global economy billions each year. Nearly every breakdown in morning CBD peak hour traffic is caused by a SCRUFF intentionally causing thousands of workers to be late for work. SCRUFFs will increase this and other activities that disrupt the economy until we start seeing women removed from the labour market. SCRUFFs now refuse to deal with any employed woman as her place in the labour market is fraudulent. For example, SCRUFFs won’t let a female doctor near them or their children as they know that she has only gained her qualifications through feminism’s “affirmative action”.

When all men simply refuse to have anything to do with women beyond short term companionship, the economy will flourish. Men will keep their assets and income which will be more sensibly allocated rather than being wasted on the shopping channel, shoes and mobile telephone texting. SCRUFFs’ assets are safe because they deny women access to their sperm and have already eliminated sperm carrying the X chromosome.

There is no “real” conflict as SCRUFFs will end the gender war by simply being SCRUFFs!

It is going to take some time to de-brainwash millions of gullible people who have been dumbed down into believing that feminism is somehow altruistic in its ideals. SCRUFFs don’t wait for that to happen, they make it happen!

While SCUM (feminism) ideology promotes destroying property and using murder to control the proportion of males in the population, SCRUFFs promote building property and using their rightful ownership of sperm to control feminist lunacy in the female population. SCRUFFs promote prosperity.

SCRUFFs will take over the airwaves and eliminate all programs and advertising that negatively portray men and fathers. As the female population reduces there will be no need to pander to the mindless female viewer. Once the natural order is restored, all prime-time media will deliver intellectually stimulating and witty content that is wasted on the female audience. Current affairs programs will explore and investigate important and meaningful events rather than promote the latest diet or fashion fads. Any research reported in the media will need to be properly validated and subjected to peer review.

SCRUFFs would have liked to promote the value of two parent families but women have proven that they cannot be trusted as a matriarch of a family. All women will therefore be permanently excluded from any matriarchal roles until their gender identity confusion is bred out.

There will be no Women’s Auxiliary of SCRUFF. SCRUFFs know that many women support the notion of men being men. However, women have clearly demonstrated that they cannot be trusted to act in anyone’s favour other than their own. Any woman who believes that the SCRUFF Manifesto is too harsh must be reminded that the actions of women has prompted the need for SCRUFFs and their manifesto so they must direct any complaint about the SCRUFF Manifesto to the cretins in society who support feminism.

The most obnoxious and harmful people that must be removed from their current roles are: single mothers, lawyers, female judges, homosexual male judges, female politicians and all who are in their service, lecturers in female studies, all female “academics” (pseudo-academics), female teachers, female police officers, female self-titled comedians, homosexual male comedy writers, all women in the media, melismating hip-hop and R&B singers, women in the defence forces, all females in the scouting movement, all females occupying employment that could be fulfilled by a man (all jobs except prostitutes, foetus incubators and wet nurses). SCRUFFs will undermine everybody acting in these roles to ensure that they are quickly removed from the labour market.

SCRUFFs will not picket, demonstrate, march, strike or complain. Doing so is a complete waste of time and energy. These “politically correct” activities are for those who have been beaten into submission by feminism. SCRUFFs take real and meaningful action to undermine every female position in the economy. SCRUFFs refuse to deal with women in the workplace in any way other than to complain about their incompetence. SCRUFFs deny women the opportunity to steal assets by denying them access to sperm and by avoiding any relationship that lasts more than 3 months. SCRUFFs will only use “politically correct” activities that cause massive losses to feminist controlled economies. Feminism has control in any economy that uses laws or institutes to strip assets and income from men. Until child support laws and institutions are disbanded by governments, and children are handed over to their father, SCRUFFs will cause maximum disruption to that economy!

SCRUFFs don’t need to break the law. SCRUFFs will eliminate feminism and then implement new laws that are fair and just. SCRUFFs laws will protect society by punishing evil rather than labelling it as a medical condition and treating it with fluffy counselling. SCRUFFs will make the laws!

There will be a transitional time where men will think they need to cohabitate with their female companions. Once men realise the substantial improvements in safety, productivity, creativity, intelligence and justice they will have much more interesting things to do than waste time pandering to their females’ vanity.

The moronic feminists are shitting themselves as SCRUFFs effectively eliminate women from the economy and controlling the number of women by managing their sperm carrying the X chromosome. The feminists will ramp up their femispeak to blame everyone but themselves for bringing this on them. They will attempt to attack SCRUFFs, spitting their venom at all men. Yet men will be doing nothing more than taking ownership and control of what is rightfully theirs and theirs alone, their sperm. Without the man’s X chromosome, women have absolutely nothing!

SCRUFFs are a product of feminism. Regardless of their bitching, feminists only have themselves to blame for what is to come.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

21 March 2016