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The Racist and Sexist President Obama

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It is great news that President Obama intends "“to build ladders of opportunity” for young black and Hispanic males," but it just underlines his sexism and racism.  Is that logical?  How can it be great news if it just underlines his sexism and racism?

It is great news, because at last he is doing something for men -- not just telling lies about them in connection with domestic violence, by supporting a Violence Against Women Act, which has a grossly sexist name.  Why doesn't he propose a "Violence Against Whites Act"?

It underlines his racism, because he could have decided to build ladders of opportunity for all young men -- but no, he decides to build ladders only for Black and Hispanic men!  That is racism.  It underlies his sexism, because the only way he could get a proposal to help men (in any way) past his Democratic Party and Feminist colleagues, advisors and family (NB the rest of his family is female!) was to limit it to another part of the "Rainbow Coalition", so that the Feminist claim to eternal victimhood would not feel too much undermined!  Similarly, I once saw that a racist and sexist medical researcher in Wellington, New Zealand, proposed research into prostate cancer among Polynesian men only!

Obama's comments on the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case are a case in point.  What he actually said was excellent:  at first, he said that the verdict of the jury (acquitting a Hispanic man who had supposedly shot a Black youth in self-defence) had to be respected, and later he said that he (Obama) could have been Trayvon Martin.  However, I have seen a claim that Trayvon Martin had a (suppressed) criminal record, so maybe Obama could NOT have been Trayvon Martin.  I have no idea what really happened on that day, or what the proper verdict was.  What I do know is that the photos of Trayvon Martin were much more telegenic than those of Zimmerman, who therefore seemed less likeable!

It was what Obama did NOT say which is the problem.  He gave various examples of how he thought Blacks (and usually he refered to Black men) were suspected and feared by strangers as they went about their daily lives, but he spoke as if this was a racial problem only.  What he should have also gone into was the extent to which this was an issue common to all men, no matter what their race

Racial and ethnic groups always think that their group is the best and that others are inferior in various ways.  I remember when there were riots in Brixton, South London, and the media were going on about how the Police were discriminating against Blacks.  That may or may not be true, but what I do know for sure is that a couple of Black youths tried to pick my pocket at Brixton underground station shortly after that time.  No one else has ever tried to pick my pocket, and it was a stupid thing to do, since I had my wallet in a front pocket of my trousers, from where it was impossible to extract it without my noticing!  I turned around, and the two Black youths ran away grinning.  They found it a great joke!  If they had assaulted me and I had defended myself with a gun, they too would have appeared much more telegenic than me on TV, and all the Black pressure groups would have been attacking me!




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