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(Open Letter to New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key)


Dear Mr. Key,

I note that you became an "Ambassador" for the discriminatory "White Ribbon Campaign" in 2010 -- the same year that Hillary Clinton came to New Zealand as US Secretary of State, and you sucked up to her, by calling her "President Clinton", in a pretend-mistake!  Given that so-called "Women's Rights" (undefined) are part of US official foreign policy, am I to deduce from that that you are anticipating that Hillary Clinton will become US President ( and Helen Clark will become UN Secretary-General)?  Do you think that you have to be ahead of the play and show that you are determined to oppress men in New Zealand, as well, so as to get a Free Trade Agreement with the USA? 

The US is, of course, famous for having a "Violence Against Women Act", but no "Violence Against Men Act".  Hillary Clinton was also alleged to have assaulted her husband, and no man's political career would have survived an allegation of spousal abuse, of course!  But the USA is a country where it is OK for a woman to assault her husband.  That is part of "Women's Rights"!

Either you are against Domestic Violence, or you are not.  Obviously you are not, since you support the sexist White Ribbon Campaign, which totally ignores violence against men!  The moronic-thug Police also support the White Ribbon Campaign.  Obviously, the Police are full of machismo hicks who just joined up in order to be White Knights and protect "innocent women" from "evil men", and you are providing moral support for that anti-male campaign on their part -- which dovetails in very well with Feminist man-hatred.

I hold you responsible for the fact that I phoned the Police after being assaulted by a female, and the Police then arrested me, without even investigating my allegation of a conspiracy.  Because of the premeditation which I alleged, this case is even worse that the case of Teina Pora, although the potential sentence is much less.

Since you have worked in New York City, Hillary Clinton was a Senator from New York State, and your childhood acquaintance is head of the spy agency GCSB, I do not put it past the three of you to have organised this conspiracy against me, which was very sophisticated, although I am not accusing you of this, for lack of evidence.

Nevertheless, you are morally responsible for the fact that the Police saw the scenario of a man assaulting a woman as so much part of the stereotypes that they live by, that they did not bother to investigate the opposite scenario.  When I was a teacher of Chinese language, before the NZ-China Free Trade Agreement, I was constantly made aware that I was subservient to the "grand scheme of things", as my boss kept putting it.  Perhaps framing me is just part of the "grand scheme of things" of sucking up to the future President Clinton?




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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30 March 2019