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Predetermination and Structural Discrimination Against Men

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(Open Letter to the University of York)


As an alumnus of the University of York, I am writing about the cancellation of plans by the University's Equality and Diversity Committee to mark International Men's Day. Specifically, I refer to the Open Letter which apparently caused the cancellation.

I note that the Open Letter raves on about structural inequality. What could be more “structurally unequal” than having the student body composed overwhelmingly of females and (even more importantly) having the university teach Women’s Studies but not the new Male Studies ? This arms women with a vast resource of victimhood arguments to hurl at men and deprives men of the mirror-image of that . Actually, I have not looked to see what subjects York teaches nowadays, but I am confident that it has predetermined that women are victims of men and that men therefore need no Male Studies courses!

The Open Letter is a one-sided bullying enterprise which foreshadows a witch-hunt against members of the Equality and Diversity Committee by demanding to know the process by which the decision which it dislikes was arrived at. It ignores the main reasons for holding an International Men's Day and digs up the following as the weakest element, such that it might perhaps be able to refute it:

‘The ability to sacrifice your needs on behalf of others is fundamental to manhood, as is honour. Manhood rites of passage the world over recognise the importance of sacrifice in the development of Manhood.’ Retrograde statements like this show a profound lack of understanding on issues surrounding masculinity. (my emphasis -- PZ)

As a Men's Rights Activist of long standing, I would not myself claim that the above quotation on manhood is either true or relevant to International Men's Day. What is interesting, however, is the totalitarian, quasi-Marxist way in which the Open Letter claims that the above sentiment is "retrograde", as if history were guided by a process which ensured that all later developments were somehow "better" than the former state of affairs, rendering "retrograde" tendencies somehow morally reprehensible. This Feminist attitude informs us that the Third Reich must have been preferable to the Weimar Republic, global warming better than the previous climatic balance and the Global Financial Crisis an improvement on the immediately preceding economic situation!

It is the height of hypocrisy for the Open Letter to criticise the website, "International Men’s Day" for failing to "seek a dialogue ... with women’s equality campaigns or initiatives. ". The Women's Movement/Feminism has had about 200 years in which to buttress its claim that it is about "equality" or "equity" by holding joint conferences with Men's Rights Activists, so as to establish what exactly these vague terms might entail. Instead of that, Feminists in the media and education system have famously and determinedly worked to censor and excise all expression of Men's Rights from the public consciousness, and thus from the political process -- resulting in the oppression of men. The Open Letter's successful censorship of International Men's Day is just one more item in a never-ending stream of Feminazi censorship.



Peter Douglas Zohrab

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4 January 2016