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Fairness on Domestic Violence on Television One News

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What may seem to be a major miracle occurred on 26 December 2002 on the 6
O'Clock News on Television One -- in fact, it was by no means a miracle, but
the result of a continuous campaign, over many years, by the New Zealand
Equality Education Foundation, the late Alan Sutherland, and myself:

The most-watched television news programme in New Zealand actually put a
Fathers' Rights activist (admittedly, it was only Bevan Berg) opposite a
Feminist activist -- and that was on the subject of Domestic Violence, no
less !

I would like to know of any other Western country in which that has happened !
I was put opposite a Feminist on an "Assignment" documentary on Boys'
Education in 2001, but this is the first time I have seen it on the news.
(N.B. By "put opposite", I just mean that the contrasting views of a
Feminist and a Masculist on the same topic were given in the same item or

Normally, the Feminist, man-hating lie on Domestic Violence (that it's all
the man's doing and all the man's fault -- see
http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm ) is official state policy and
official media policy and that's all you hear about -- certainly on TV,
which is much more powerful than print media. The TV news item in question
did quote a Women's Refuge Feminist putting forward this lie, explicitly,
and we shall have to look at the legal possibilities of taking out a class
action for libel, on behalf of all men, against this sort of liar..

I refer disparagingly to Bevan Berg, because he was interviewed, some time
ago, in the female-dominated magazine, North and South, making disparaging
remarks about people who attack the Women's Refuges ! By stabbing his
colleagues in the Men's Movement in the back in this way, he has been able
to paint himself as a "moderate", and get himself onto the TV News. Well,
that's politics !




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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