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Comments to Peter Zohrab on "Chapter 8: The Education Lies" from "Sex, Lies & Feminism"

by "Dan", 2002

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I think you missed the fact that at universities females tend to get more attention and easier grading than males.

In fact, when I was tutoring and marking exams at one Australian university (.....) I was told in advance by the level-coordinators that male markers were neglecting the male students and giving female students both more help and easier grading. The comment was intended to get us to be more equitable in our duties.

The fact we even had to be told by the administration, and that no women's groups had yet complained of this clear inequality, speaks volumes.

Additionally, when the comp science faculty had to select students for PhD scholarships and honours-entry they chose female students in *advance* of final grades being handed out. I personally found this unbelievable, that they could decide on certain female applicants getting grants prior to marks even being finalised!

Well, my experiences are with the computer science, engineering and physics departments, so they may be a bit skewed. Clearly these departments, which traditionally lack female students, may be expected to show a bias to females.

HOWEVER, I have not seen or heard of a similar bias in the arts departments where female students greatly outnumber the male students.

Anyway, I am saying this from the point of a tutor and exam marker, not as a student. Whether females or males get preferential treatment is really irrelevant to me personally. I am merely stating some facts about university-level education as I have experienced it.





Peter Douglas Zohrab

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