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The White-Ribboned Shylock


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In the 2014 New Zealand General Election campaign, one Labour Party candidate called half-Jewish Prime Minister John Key "Shylock", which is a racist jibe.  See the page http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11320363 . The candidate was criticised by the media and by his party leader, David Cunliffe for saying that.  Meanwhile, David Cunliffe himself had apologised for being a male, saying that the vast majority of Domestic Violence was committed by males, which is a blatant lie anyway!

I have not seen any comment by John Key on being called "Shylock", but I expect he tried to ignore it.  Meanwhile, however, John Key himself is a White Ribbon Ambassador.  The White Ribbon Campaign promotes the above-mentioned sexist stereotype and lie that the vast majority of Domestic Violence is committed by males.

John Key presumably did not like being called a Shylock, but he is keen to promote anti-male jibes and stereotypes!

  Even if The White Ribbon Campaign does not often state explicitly that most violence is male violence, it implies it by concentrating on male violence against women and ignoring female violence against males.  It is blatant discrimination and a breach of men's Human Rights to campaign solely against violence by men and implicitly to allow women to go on assaulting men -- and getting away with it. 

Women get away with it because the Police -- like John Key and David Cunliffe -- are sexist scum and operate a double standard about violence which favours women!  The lying Scum-Police may pretend occasionally that the White Ribbon Campaign is against all violence, but the Police's own website shows that even the thickshit Police know full well that the White Ribbon Campaign is just against men's violence -- see the page http://www.police.govt.nz/news/featured/white-ribbon-day .

This Police webpage states:

"We know that in the vast majority of Family Violence events Police attend, women are the primary victims."

Well, of course!  Given that the Police are a bunch of man-hating sexist scum, what man is going to report female violence to the Scum-Police?  How are the thick-shit Scum-Police ever going to hear about it?

The man-hating scum-bitch Minister of Women's Police, Anne Tolley, even conspired with the Police and an Ombudsman to avoid answering my Official Information Act question about Police policies to encourage men to report female violence -- there are NO such policies!  See the webpage: Minister of Women's Police Covers Up Police Oppression of Men.

Hey John Key, you lousy Shylock!  What are you going to do about sexist stereotypes about men?  Resign your Ambassadorship of the White Ribbon Campaign, you little creep!




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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2 March 2024