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Women's TV and Women's Police Condone Sexual Assaults on Men

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On 6 September 2014, a Maori female streaker disrupted an international rugby game and slapped an All Black on the backside.  Apparently, the All Black did not lay a complaint with the police about this sexual assault. Mind you, I have laid complaints about somewhat similar behaviour by women, and the Police did nothing!   As you can see from the page http://tvnz.co.nz/rugby-news/police-reveal-why-all-blacks-streaker-only-given-warning-6075109 the Police also did nothing in the case of this woman, although previous streakers (including a White female) have been charged, convicted and fined -- although the female got a lower fine, of course!  Someone called Lisa Lewis was fined $200.00 and a man called Adam Holtslag was fined $500.00. Unlike the Maori woman, these two did not even touch any of the players -- much less commit an indecent assault on them!

And guess what! The local Police Area Commander was a Maori woman (Tania Kura)!!  Women are let into the Police on lower physical standards than men, and then they use their power to discriminate against men and in favour of women!  This woman, Tania Kura, is a sexist and a racist, and should never have been let into the Police in the first place!  I was assaulted by a Maori woman, a bunch of (mainly) White women told lies, and I was the one who was arrested, charged and convicted!  Then I appealed to the High Court and found that I was being tried by another Maori woman!  As we can see from the behaviour of Police Area Commander Tania Kura, it is no surprise that she threw out my appeal!

If this wasn't enough, on TV3's Sunrise programme on 8th September 2014, the ugly hostess, Sacha McNeill, was joking with a fellow female journalist about how the Maori woman had slapped the All Black on the bottom.  They were both very happy about that sexual assault.  About one week previously, theis same man-hater, Sacha McNeil, had been hosting some one-sided Feminist propaganda about how awful male sexual assaults on women were!  This is the country that New Zealand is -- man-hating journalists pump out man-hating propaganda and glory in the sexual assaulting of men, which the man-hating police never prosecute!

And will they sack Sacha McNeil?  You've got to be kidding!! They will probably promote her!




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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2 August 2015