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Will the First UK Refuge for Battered Men Please Stand Up?

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We all know how unreliable the media are. They are full of biased incompetents.

The following report has been circulating:

Daily Mail (2009):
First refuges for battered husbands offer support to male victims
Mail Online, 16th February 2009

However, I have also found the following report, from six years earlier!

Doward, Jamie (2003):
"Battered men get their own refuge."
The Observer, Sunday 21 December 2003.

Maybe someone knows of the first battered men's refuge starting six (or more) years before that, even?

The point is that the media almost never report men's issues, so they have no collective memory of what happens in that area of society.

Maybe we should encourage the media to employ specialists in that area?




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