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Issues: Fake News (Media Bias)

Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Abolition of Human and Environmental History

Abstracts relating to Lesbian Domestic Violence

Abuse of Power and Intrusion into Privacy by New Zealand Broadcasters and by the New Zealand Parliament

Alice In Wonderland Meets the Banana Republic.

Al Jazeera Cons the World!

Australia Copies the "Mother of the New Zealand Nation"

Ban the news company "Stuff!"

BBC Feminist Political Party Interferes in New Zealand Election

BBC Feminist Political Party is Best Argument for Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Being a Woman is Never having to Say you're Sorry

"Black Lives Matter" Movement is Sexist and Racist

Building Lies Atop Lies


Calling a SCUM a SCUM

Censored Email to Radio New Zealand

Clayton Weatherston Witchhunt

Coming New Zealand Civil War

Complexity of Family Violence

Conflict of Interest, Hypocrisy and the Journalist Enemy -- a Reply to the Boston Globe

Corrupt Justice Ministry Faking Statistics and the Absence of Investigative Journalism and Academic Freedom in New Zealand

Coup d'Etat by Journalism Schools

Crimes (Provocation Repeal) Amendment Bill

Daterape Scenarios

De-Dumbing Up: Rolling Back Feminism and Liberating Men

Democratic Funding Model for the Broadcast and Print Media

Devious Media Strategies

Don't Support stuff.co.nz's Racism and Sexism and the Media's Culture of Lies

Dyldomedia Angry at Police Insubordination

Does Media-University Complex Constitute Challenge to Nation-State?

Dyke TV Sets Trap for Top Lawyer

Dyke TV Up to its Compulsive Lying Again!

Dyked Out in New Zealand


Endoutucação pelo complexo meios de comunicação social / universidade

El complejo de los medios de comunicación y la universidad

Fairness on Domestic Violence on Television One News

Fake News Meets Fake Education:The Gross Incompetence of Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, Associate Professor Ian Lambie and TV3's Lisa Owen; also the Gross Corruption of the Ministry of Justice

Fake News TV Favours Flaky Female

Fascist Green-Party Lardball and the Bonobofication of the Human Species

Fascist Media and Emotional-Lying Women Bully Alasdair Thompson

Fascist phrase "Equality for Women" and the Paradox of the Axe

Fascist Thickshit, David Cunliffe

Female Court Staff's Unprofessional and Discriminatory Behaviour

Female Power and Control through the Service Sector

Female Violence and Domestic Violence Policy

Feminist and Black Sexism and Racism Caused the Charlottesville Riot

Feminist Dog Whistling

Feminist Dumbism in Cherry (1995)

Feminist Equality Means that Women Are Allowed to Assault Men

Feminist Power & Control, Watergate and President Trump's "Russia Connection"

Feminist Priestly Caste of "Experts"

French Media Condone Kidnapping in China


Get a Female CEO and Halve Your Share-Price!

Great HIV-and-Circumcision Scam

Gross Incompetence of the Feminist Media

Hidden Dykes of Television New Zealand

"HOW CAN SHE SLAP?" Transcript: English Subtitles of Video of Several Men Assaulting One Man for Defending Himself Against a Female Aggressor on Indian Television

How Feminist Indoctucation Controls The World

How the Media, the Police and the Universities Murder New Zealand Men

If women could tell the difference between fact and fiction

Incompetent Journalist, Corin Dann

Incompetent, Sexist Scum Interviews Incompetent, Sexist Scum

In Defence of John Tamihere

Indoctucation by the Media-University Complex

Is The Only Good Journalist a Dead Journalist?  No!!

Journalistic Incompetence of BBC Feminist Political Party

Kiwi Males Beware: Somewhere Near You, Some Woman Is Having An Emotion!


La religión de TV3

Leftist Bias on BBC World TV

Leftists Using Cameras to Tell Lies

Left-Wing Media Bias

Legal and Journalistic Incompetence and Blinkeredness

Lesbian Mainstream Media and Education System

Letters on Feminist Bias and Sexism

Letters on Feminist Linguistic Sexism

Letters on Maori Linguistic Racism

Letting Men Off the Feminists' Meat-Hooks

Linda Clark and the Discriminatory Law Firm, Dentons Kensington Swan

Los Angeles Times Propaganda about Brains

Male Politicians and Female Policies

Manufacturing Concern

Marc Lepine Movement

Me Too Slutty: Why the "Me Too" Movement Proves that Women Should Lose the Right to Vote

Media Bias (Resources)

Media Censorship of the Montreal Massacre

Media Dictatorship in India and New Zealand

Media's Fake News about President Trump

Media Sexism and Stupidity in Alliance with University Sexism and Stupidity

Media University Complex and the Constitution

Media-University Complex versus Free Speech

Media-University Complex Reduced to Hopping !

Me Old Mate Tama Iti (not)

More Fake News from the Lesbians at the Radio New Zealand Cesspit

Neil Foord, R.I.P.

Network of Manhaters cons the New Zealand Public about Family Violence

New Scientist's War on the Truth

New Zealand's Femi-Fascist Domestic Violence Laws

New Zealand, the Nazi Germany of the South Pacific

No Evidence from Feminist Lawyers and No Statistics from the Feminist Media -- when it comes to Core Propaganda Issues

Non-existence of Law and Journalism in New Zealand

Violencia femenina en las teocracias feministas occidentales

Female Violence in Western Feminist Theocracies

Obituary: Jeanette Fitzsimons

On being sane in an insane country

Owen Glenn: A Fool and his Money are Soon Parted.

Parliament's Oppression of Men & Pregnant Women's Abuse of Men

Peter Dunne Tramples on Human Rights, Bows to Media Power and Tells Lies

Police Culture and Anti-Male Bias Straight from the Pig's Mouth (Book Review)

Poodles, Paul Henry and Simon Dallow, Treat Men Like Mushrooms

Portland Call to Eliminate Destabilising Racist and Sexist Content by the Mainstream Media

Predetermination in Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct

Prime Child Abuser Says "Do as I say!"

Prime Minister with a Degree in Conning People

Privatise Television New Zealand !

Public Interest and Public Ignorance

Racist and Sexist Predetermination in the Media

Racist Deception in Science magazine


Racist, John Tamihere

Racist, Nick Tipping

Racist Education System

Racist Television New Zealand

Racist Term "Colonialism"

Reality of Media Bias

Religión de TV3

Review of Eve's Bite, by Ian Wishart

Royal Commission of Inquiry Into Media Bias

Rule of Law, Human Rights and Organisational Culture: The Minister of Justice's Inquiry into the Human Rights Commission


Salient's anti-male sexism and censorship

Scott Adams Gets Men's Rights into the Media!

Scribblers who call themselves "Stuff" think that "New Zealand" is a silly name!

Sequence of Letters to the Broadcasting Standards Authority on Feminist Bias and Sexism

Sexismo en el séptimo arte

Sexist Incompetence in the Media

Sexist and Racist, Duncan Garner

Sexist Liar, Polly Toynbee

Speaking Truth to the Media

State of the Male Nation

Straightening Out the Guardian

Strategic Thinking and the Road Ahead

Strange Case of the Member of Parliament for Television New Zealand

Submission on Family Courts Matters Bill

Submission on the New Media Review

Susan Wood Proves Women Should Not Be On Boards

Terms "Stone Age" and "Prehistoric"

Tracey Swanberg and Dyke TV Tell Lies Because they Can

Transcript of: "Men In America" Episode 1, including interview with Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson

Transcript of TV journalist Cathy Newman’s grilling of Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson

TV3's Primitive Religion

TVNZ Cons New Zealand (yet again)!

TVNZ Enslaves Men

Two Power-Shifting Left-Wing Lies


Une nouvelle stratégie féministe

University Feminazism: Four Non-Responders

Victims that “nobody is interested in”

Violencia mediática contra los hombres

Violencia mediática contra los hombres (versión corta)

Vixen TV Shows her Teeth


Western Feminists Admit Conning and Recolonising India!

What Female Politics Lecturers Do Instead of Thinking

Why are journalists & Indian women & lawyers so man-hating?

Why I admire Winston Peters

Why is Trump Trump?: A Reply to General Colin Powell

Willful Defamation and Oppression of Men

Will the First UK Refuge for Battered Men Please Stand Up?

Women = Lies = Journalists = Women = ....

Women are Fruitcakes!

Women's Newspaper Censors News of False Rape Allegations

Women's TV & Women's Police Condone Sexual Assaults on Men.


Zohrab v Attorney-General & Others



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