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The Gross Incompetence of the Feminist Media

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(Open Letter to the Chief Executive and Editor-in-Chief of Radio New Zealand)

Dear Peter Cavanagh,

I am writing to call for the resignation of your deputy on the grounds of incompetence and bias. The bias I am talking about is anti-male bias. This is not news. However, what is news is the gross incompetence revealed in a telephone conversation I had on 19 August 2008 with someone who identified themself as the second-in-command, although I have forgotten his name.

At about 9:15 AM I phoned Radio New Zealand News to ask that I, as the long-standing principal New Zealand advocate of a pro-male position on Domestic Violence, be reported on the issue of broadcaster Tony Veitch's arrest on Domestic Violence charges. As soon as the woman who answered the phone had heard enough to know what I wanted, I was put through to the above-mentioned male employee -- without any prior notification that this was about to be done. This, of course, was rude and unprofessional, but Radio New Zealand makes it clear, in so many ways, that it can do whatever it wants.

This second-in-command of yours refused to let me be interviewed, but he listened to the two points which I wanted to put across on air, which were that:

  1. One offence he was charged with (Assaulting a Female) was discriminatory, and the Police should be taken to court for using their discretion to charge him (or anyone) with that sexist offence, which carries a higher maximum penalty than Common Assault.

  2. A man has no realistic option other than retaliation, in the case of female violence, since state propaganda never paints a picture of Domestic Violence which encourages male victims to seek help against female perpetrators.

  1. He stated that the matter was now sub judice, since it was going to trial, and that the issue of the charge was one that Veitch's defence counsel could raise. I have a Law degree, and I doubt that that issue could be made to count in the trial itself. It was a separate issue, and therefore did not involve a potential contempt of court. However, I did not argue the point, which was a reasonable one -- even if wrong.

  2. He said that his sources said that Domestic Violence was mainly a male problem. He denied being biased. Then he said that "the research" showed that Domestic Violence was mainly a male problem. I said, "What research?," and he did not reply. I said, "You are incompetent. You are incompetent, you are discriminatory, and you are sexist." He hung up at that point.

    There is an enormous amount of research that shows that:

    "...women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners." Professor Martin S. Fiebert, Annotated Domestic Violence Bibliography http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm



    This incompetent employee is a mere journalist, like yourself. He has no expertise in the field of Domestic Violence. He has to rely on sources. But, where issues of Feminist propaganda are concerned, he (like you, I am sure) has his favourite sources, and those are the ones he chooses to use, because he agrees with what they say. On top of that, he (like you) is paid by our taxes. I think you both should do the country a favour and take up street-sweeping as an occupation.

    There I was, on the telephone to him. I was a source. Did he use this source? Of course not -- because I was saying things that he disagreed with! And then he said he wasn't biased!!

    I have been a part-time journalist. I went to interviews and wrote articles based on knowledge that was little more than what the interviewee had said at the interview. You apparently do not understand the first thing about journalism, which is that journalists are not usually experts in the subjects they are writing about. Their job is to garner information from sources.

    If you do not understand that, resign!


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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